Look Out Fiddle Leaf

There is a new tree in town and it is taking the indoor decor scene by storm. The Eucalyptus Silver Dollar Tree is a stunning addition to any room. And it provides a refreshing aroma. Bonus points as it is a clean air purifier. Seriously, look out fig tree. 

Bonfire Patio Peach

Add this spectacular variety to your patio for 3 seasons worth of color and amazement. Spring brings you a glorious display of pink flowers, followed with the exotic leaves that turn dark purple in the summer. The deep purple fades to bright yellow for fall color. Plus it can fruit! 


Premature Fruit Drop

As spring time flourishes and you see your new fruit form, you start preparing for what you will do with that first delicious bite. And then out of nowhere (it seems!) you come out one morning to find that beloved first fruit on the ground, before it was ripe. So what has caused this? There are a variety of reasons and we list the top 5 for you to utilize as you troubleshoot to find a solution.

Some Helpful Information About Magnolia Trees

When you think about magnolia trees, you might picture a long, winding lane lined with tall, flowering trees leading up to a gracious southern manor. However, while some magnolia trees do grow very large, you don't have to own a huge piece of property in order to enjoy magnolias in your own yard. 

Fruits Trees & Pollination: What You Need To Know

If you are considering buying fruit trees, it helps to learn a little bit about pollination requirements for the type of tree you wish to purchase. Here are a few helpful facts and tips regarding the pollination of fruit trees.