plant a piece of history

This limited edition apple tree is a grafted clone of the last known surviving tree planted by John Chapman -- aka Johnny Appleseed. It is an heirloom, non-hybrid, genetically identical copy of the original heirloom tree.

Grow a connection to an early American legend in your own backyard!

Available in both potted and bare root.

Gettin' Figgy With It

The Brown Turkey Fig is probably the most popular fig in the southeastern United States. It is perfect if you want a sweet fruit that you can pick off the tree and eat fresh!

Brown Turkey Fig trees are self-pollinating and are hardy in Zones 7-9.

3 Seasons of Magnificent Color

Southern Living™ Miss Frances Crape Myrtle stuns with three seasons worth of magic. Spring brings new growth with colors of red and lime green. Summer blooms are a true red and last up to 90 days against the dark green foliage. As the temperature drops this little crape myrtle brings one last powerful punch with a leaf change to burgundy red. 


How To Heel in Bare Root Trees

How To Heel in Bare Root Trees

If you don't have an ideal place to store the plants in their packages or if you must wait for longer than 7 days to plant, then it is a good idea to heel your plants in. Start by digging a V-shaped trench that is wide and deep enough to hold the plants' roots.
Can I Plant Trees in Winter?

Can I Plant Trees in Winter?

Fall and winter months are some of the best times of the year to plant a tree. However, the answer is not a clear yes or no. It will depend on a variety of factors including your local climate, what type of tree/shrub you are planting, and how much time before severe weather is forecasted.
How To Winterize Trees & Shrubs

How To Winterize Trees & Shrubs

Most trees sleep each winter (called their dormancy period). The amount and quality of their rest also determines how healthy and productive they are! Let’s talk about preparing for winter, the challenges you may face, and making this dormancy period the best it can be for your plants and trees.