Eating a balanced diet containing fresh fruits and vegetables is essential to your health and vitality. With berry plants for sale delivered straight to your door by eating healthy cheaply has never been easier. Berries of all verities have amazing health benefits that range from anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties to heart, brain, joint and bone health. But more exciting than that recent studies by the National Cancer Institute among others have shown that eating berries like blackberries, raspberries and strawberries could help reduce the risks of certain types of cancers. The high levels of antioxidants, vitamin C and fiber coupled with the phytonutrient ellagic acid which is found in berry seeds is responsible for this anti cancer property.

On top of their preventative health benefits berries of all varieties are very nutritious and a great sweet treat for diabetics and anyone looking to control their sugar intake without giving up sweets altogether. Berries contain fructose, a natural sugar which does not need insulin to metabolize making them easy for the body to break down on its own. Low in calories, carbohydrates and fat free berries are a great for low calorie and low carb diets as most berries score in the 40's or below on the Glycemic Index.

There's lots of reasons to plant your own garden or fruit orchard. To start with the cost of fresh fruits and vegetables continue to rise as the cost to grow, pick and bring those products to market continues to rise.  All of our berry plants for sale start at $19.95 meaning they will pay for themselves on the second or third pint of berries harvested from your bush. A weeks worth of berries from the grocery store can now be a lifetime of sweet goodness. Add in a few fruit trees from Plantmegreen's wide array of fruit trees for sale and you have a supply of the best and cheapest fruits possible. Your own!

When deciding which type of berry bush for sale you want to order make sure to check the hardiness zone you live in. Make sure to select a verity that will thrive in your local climate. You have several options to choose from ranging from thornless blackberry plants for sale to blueberries for sale right here online shipped directly to you! And with free shipping from on orders of $100 or more you really can build your own garden in the most cost effective way possible.