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We at Plant Me Green have made our nursery's 100 years of experience and quality available to you through just the click of a button and without leaving a hole in your pocket.





Our plant nursery has been providing quality plants for over 100 years and has over 2 million plants and trees in inventory. Now our experience and quality are available to you online! Plant Me Green's mission is to treat our online customers the way we treat our friends and to do so by selling plants in a way that is both economical and ethical.

Plant Me Green is making it easier for anyone and everyone to go green. No matter what your comfort-level with plants is, we are here to offer you our experience and expertise in order to make your world healthier, happier, and more beautiful. Our website provides you with the products and information needed to begin planting today and ensure a better tomorrow.

Below are some of the team members you may come into contact with: 


Richard Roccanti

Richard Roccanti is the owner of Plant Me Green. He makes sure everyone in the office is taken care of and that everything gets done in an efficient way. He helps in all capacities of the business from answering phones, to packaging and shipping plants.


Stephanie Cook
Office Manager

Stephanie keeps the office running smoothly. She answers phones, handles shipping, and makes sure everything is working like it should be for Plant Me Green to be successful.


Tori Deas
Director of Marketing

Tori handles all Marketing and Social Media for Plant Me Green. She updates the website, answers phones, and helps create campaigns that will continue to increase the customer base of Plant Me Green. 


Warehouse Personnel:

Terry Harris
Warehouse/Shipping Manager

Terry makes sure that the faithful customers of Plant Me Green get the best and most beautiful plants possible. He selects and packages all our plants, ensuring they come to you looking as good as they did when he picked them up on the nursery.

Carson. N - Shipping, Nursery

Alex. H - Shipping, Nursery 

Reggie. W - Shipping

Charles. H - Shipping, Office