About Persimmon Trees

Persimmons tend to be a warmer climate fruit tree, but we do have a few varieties that will work in colder regions such as USDA Zone 6. Around our nursery, we call the persimmon tree a diva. She doesn't like any of her growing conditions to change, so being put in a box for a few days tends to upset her. But once you get past the transplant hurdle, the persimmon tree is a fantastic addition to your yard and you can harvest your first crop in as little as 4 years.

Bonus Attributes:

- No pollinator needed to produce fruit

- Little to no pest issues or diseases



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Care for Persimmon Trees

growing guide

When picking a location for your tree, try to find a well-drained area with sandy loam soil. This is the best for persimmons, but as long as there is good drainage your tree should thrive. Place your tree in full sun for the best growth and production rate. Avoid frost pockets- trees may be damaged by unseasonable frosts.



As spring time flourishes and you see your new fruit form, you start preparing for what you will do with that first delicious bite. And then out of nowhere (it seems!) you come out one morning to find that beloved first fruit on the ground, before it was ripe. So what has caused this? We list the top 5 for you to utilize as you troubleshoot to find a solution.


Persimmons are successfully grown in deep, well-drained, slightly acidic soil. They also have a strong taproot, so it requires a deeper planting hole than most trees. Staking trees when young also helps keep a straight form. Don’t be alarmed at the color of the roots. They naturally appear black and should not be considered diseased or dead.


Persimmon trees are a unique option for those interested in growing fruit trees on their property. These deciduous trees can produce a large amount of persimmons, a fruit that might not be well known to Americans, but is actually the national fruit of Japan.

Persimmon Trees

Looking for a unique yet highly coveted fruit tree to plant in your yard? Try a persimmon tree. Plant Me Green has various persimmon fruit trees for sale. Depending on the type, persimmons do well in different climates across the US.

When you buy persimmon trees online, you must consider the fact that persimmons tend to be delicate creatures. Additionally, budding can be a challenge for the tree. Sometimes the trees don’t bud at all or the buds don’t always take. Don’t let this discourage you from buying a persimmon tree, though! All you need to do is provide some extra care and purchase a healthy tree from a quality nursery, such as Plant Me Green. Get the persimmon tree you’ve always wanted from our collection of persimmon fruit trees for sale.