Flowering crabapple trees are a highly anticipated sight in springtime. Plant Me Green has a great selection of flowering crabapple trees for sale, so you can choose the perfect tree to plant in your yard! Whether you want one, two, or five, these gorgeous flowering trees make a stunning addition to any front, back, or side yard. 

When buying flowering crabapple trees, there are several things to consider. These factors include: 

  • Hardiness (depending on the USDA zone you reside in) 
  • The color of the flowers (typically pink or white)
  • Fruit-bearing or flowering-only varieties 
  • Length of fruit duration (the fruit of some trees lasts all fall and winter) 
  • The size of the fruit 
  • Leaf color (purple, bronze, or green) 

Once you have the ideal tree in mind, buy it from our assortment of flowering crabapple trees for sale. We will then ship your tree right to your door.