Your zipcode will help us determine which plants are suitable for your growing area.


$0.01-$9.99 $11.99
$10.00-$19.99 $12.50
$20.00-$34.99 $14.50
$35.00-$54.99 $16.99
$55.00-$79.99 $20.99
$80.00-$99.99 $24.99
$100.00 and up Free!

Our shipping schedule is Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. We can only ship West Coast states on Monday due to transit time. If you have any questions concerning transit time for your order, please feel free to contact us at or toll free 855-817-5268.

Combination orders: Orders containing a mix of bare root plants and potted plants will all ship together. If you have questions about shipping please contact us and we will do our best to assist you. 

Bare root orders only: Bare root trees have to be dormant in order to be shipped.  We are currently scheduled to begin harvesting bare root the 3rd week in December. We will begin shipping directly after they are harvested. If everything stays according to schedule, bare root shipping will begin the last week in December or the first week in January.

*Prices may vary for West Coast states. Please note that we do not ship to the following states: Arizona and California

*Overnight shipping available upon request, additional fees required.