From pecan pie to butter pecan ice cream, you probably already know this unique and tasty nut is an excellent ingredient to keep in the kitchen. Interestingly, pecan trees are more likely to grow in the southern states, as they prefer warm climates. If you want to grow one or more pecan trees on your property, you will need to consider many different factors. As you begin looking for the best trees, you’ll notice there are bare-root and potted options. Follow along to learn whether you should plant bare-root or potted pecan trees.

Planting and Timing

When it comes to planting your pecan tree, timing is an important factor to consider. Therefore, you must choose between bare-root or potted options depending on your personal preferences. For instance, potted options allow you to plant at your convenience; as long as you keep your young pecan trees moist, they can sit anywhere outdoors in their pots until you’re ready to put them in the ground. On the other hand, bare-root trees allow for much less leniency—you should plant them within a few days of receiving them.

Determining Budget

While your plants and trees will give back to you after they reach maturity and fruitfulness, you shouldn’t stretch your budget in the beginning. That said, some trees are more expensive than others. Potted pecan trees come with a higher level of convenience, but they also come with a bigger price tag. In most cases, you won’t find potted options for lower prices than bare-root trees, so if your budget for gardening isn’t extensive, bare-root trees may be your best option.

Developing the Root System

The root system is arguably the most important factor that determines a tree’s overall health. A tree might not be as robust and resilient if the root system doesn’t develop properly, which is more common when planting potted trees. Because bare-root trees usually have straight roots, they’re easy to plant with little pruning or intervention. Meanwhile, potted trees often have jumbled roots packed in the container, which you must trim and detangle before putting the tree in the ground.

When deciding whether you should plant bare-root or potted pecan trees, it ultimately depends on your personal preferences. If you’re looking for a wide variety of grafted pecan trees, visit Plant Me Green online. We offer an excellent variety of pecan trees you can grow right at home.

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