One of the ideal places to start if you’re not as comfortable with your green thumb is raising some succulents and cacti. These hardy plants bring some much-needed vibrance to your home without requiring constant attention and care. Indoor succulents and cacti are also incredibly varied in their appearances and can pair well with other plants you might already have. If you’ve been looking for succulent houseplants to brighten your interiors, Plant Me Green has you covered with some of the best you’ll find online. If you’re new to the gardening world and want to start right, you should get these plants to make the introduction smooth.

About Houseplants

Let’s start with the basics. Why bring the green indoors? Not only do houseplants add much-needed personality to virtually any interior, they purify the air, filtering out toxins such as formaldehyde and benzene. Plus,they serve as “neutral” statements in your home, because the green of plants somehow seems to go with everything.

cute and tiny.

Succulents & Cacti

Succulents make great houseplants. They're extremely easy to care for, resilient, and they thrive in mild, dry temperatures. Succulents are a common starting point for indoor gardening.



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