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Apple Trees - Melrose (Red)

Scientific Name: Malus domestica
Best Planted in USDA Hardiness Zone: 5-7.


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Plant Quick Guide

Growing Zones:


Mature Height:

12-16 ft

Mature Width:

10-14 ft


Full (6-8 hours)


10-14 ft

Chill Hours:


Growth Rate:


Harvest Time:

Early Fall

Year to Bear:

3-5 years


Needed. For larger crop use Gala, Golden Delicious, Granny Smith, Honeycrisp.
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The Melrose is a cross of Red Delicious and Jonathan. This tree yields apples of dull copper red skin, which are firm, very juicy, and slightly tart. The fruit is medium to large, irregular in shape and sometimes ribbed. The creamy, green-tinged flesh is firm and crisp with an excellent flavor and high quality fruit for dessert and cooking. The Melrose apple ripens in late fall. Tree-ripened fruit keeps well; fruit picked slightly green ripens and develops fruity aroma in storage, reaching peak quality after 2-3 months. It needs a pollinator, easy to grow, and has good disease resistance. At maturity, the Melrose tree will reach heights of 12 to 16 feet and 10 to 14 feet in width. The estimated chilling requirement is 800 to 1000 hours. USDA ZONES: Zone 5, Zone 6, Zone 7.
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First, decide on a planting location. Apples will grow more vigorously and produce more fruit in full sun. Apples prefer well-drained, sandy loam soil but will grow in many soil types. Apples prefer slightly acid soil (pH 6.0-6.8). Dig a planting hole approximately three times the width of the pot and at the same depth as the root ball. Set that soil aside and mix it 50/50 with aged mushroom compost, aged manure, or rotted pine bark & aged manure or compost. Remove the plant from the pot, gently loosen the root ball and place in the planting hole. To avoid burying too deep, make sure plant is positioned with the top most roots at the soil line. Fill the planting hole with the mix of soil and organic matter; gently tamp it in. Make sure to water thoroughly to settle the roots and eliminate air pockets. DO NOT put fertilizer in the planting hole. Only apply fertilizer if it is the correct time of year. You can construct a water basin around the base of the tree approximately 36 inches in diameter. Mulch in spring and summer with approximately 4-6 inches of mulch, make sure to pull mulch a couple of inches away from the trunk for good air circulation. In spring, we suggest a mix of compost and weed-free hay, while in summer use weed-free hay or grass clippings alone. Spacing for apples depends upon the desired use in the landscape. Trees should be at least 15-20 feet apart, but no further than 20 feet apart for cross-pollination.
Water apple trees regularly, making sure to keep the soil moist without drowning the tree. Prune in the winter while the tree is growing and in the summer once the tree has reached its desired height.

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