Who doesn’t love a juicy peach in the summertime? Sweet and satisfying, they are the perfect way to cool down on a hot day. However, these trees need the right care to grow. A peach tree can take several years before it begins producing fruit, and with proper care, the wait is worthwhile.

The complicated nature of peaches means that you cannot simply plant them in soil and hope for the best. After your search to buy a peach tree online, you’ll need to know these peach tree pruning tips to encourage optimal growth and, of course, to enjoy the fruit of your labor.

Understanding the Nature of Peaches

Peach trees are actually members of the rose family, making them susceptible to common pests attracted to roses. This includes caterpillars, aphids, beetles, and borers. Fortunately, many of these pests can be controlled if caught early. Peach trees are also susceptible to fungi that love warm, wet conditions. Pruning peach trees in the wintertime will reduce incidences of fungal infection because you’ll be cutting off the cankers.

When Should You Prune Peach Trees?

Selecting the best time to prune your peach trees is important. During the dormant season, you’ll be able to determine which branches are dead and susceptible to diseases. Avoid pruning during the early summer months because this will expose wounds which can lead to infection and make it harder for fruits to form later in the year.

The Right Way To Prune Peach Trees

Remove dead and dying branches. These can spread disease to other parts of the tree and are more susceptible than healthy limbs. Also, remove any diseased or damaged shoots growing from underneath the graft union. You’ll know whether it’s a shoot or not because these stems will have some amount of flexibility to them, and they won’t be as thick as a branch.

Trim away any branches that would cross and rub against each other. When pruning peach trees, always keep the center of the tree open. This will allow sunlight to reach all areas and ensure that fruit grows as rapidly as possible. Don’t leave stubs when you’re finished because they’ll become susceptible to diseases and rot quickly.

Prune up to a third of your peach trees each year if they’re not producing enough branches or fruit. Since peach trees take several years to bear fruit, it’s important to keep yours healthy and productive as long as possible. Dead wood attracts insects and diseases; trimming away branches will make the tree stronger and healthier for future seasons of delicious fruits.

Final Thoughts

Aside from these essential peach tree pruning tips you should know, ensuring that your tree is healthy from the start plays a crucial role. Plant Me Green can help you get your peach tree started on the right track.

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