Pears are a delightful fruit to grow in your backyard. They may not be the first fruit that comes to people’s minds, but they have a unique flavor that is sure to please. There are many different types of pears, and each has its own unique taste and texture. Here are five of the best pear tree varieties to grow at home.

Bartlett Pear Trees

The Bartlett pear tree is a classic. It produces large, yellow pears with a sweet flavor and an intense aroma. This variety of pear tree also has a longer harvest season than many other pear trees; you can enjoy these delicious fruits from late July through September.

Bartlett is an ideal pear tree to grow at home despite its longer harvest time. These pears are easy to grow and maintain. These pears require less pruning than other varieties, so they are perfect for people who enjoy growing their own fruit but who don't have much gardening experience.

Baldwin Pear Trees

Another good option for beginners is the Baldwin pear tree. These pears are not as big or flavorful as Bartlett, but they do well in areas with colder winters—even down to USDA zone 5. They also grow quickly, allowing you to enjoy your first harvest from these fruits in as little as two years.

Asian Pear Trees

If you are looking for a different type of pear, consider an Asian pear tree. These trees produce some of the largest pears on earth. They are juicy, sweet, and crunchy, with a crisp texture that many people enjoy.

Asian pear trees are very productive and require little maintenance. They can grow in areas with hot or cold summers, so they are great for planting in most climates around the world. However, they do require more pruning than Baldwin pear trees to keep their shape.

Pineapple Pear Trees

Consider growing pineapple pear trees if you like things a little sweeter and more exotic. These pears are often canned because they are incredibly delicious in jams, jellies, and preserves. This variety of pear tree produces sweet fruit, with a hint of pineapple flavor that adds another layer of taste to your favorite baked products.

Kieffer Pear Trees

If you want a pear tree that produces an abundance of fruit with exceptional flavor, consider checking out the Kieffer pear trees for sale in our store instead. These pears have been grown throughout Europe for centuries due to their productivity and outstanding taste. They are juicy but do not have any crunch, making them ideal for desserts like pies, tarts, cobblers, or crisps.

Don't stop with these five best pear tree varieties to grow at home. Plant Me Green has a wide variety of fruit trees perfect for any home’s yard!

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