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Bringing Autumn Colored Plants to Your Back Yard

Summer is winding down and fall will soon be here! Depending on where you live, the seasonal change from summer to fall will bring about beautiful changes in the trees' leaves. The green color will fade and turn to yellows, oranges, reds, and even dark purples. Many people from all over the world travel near and far just to see these magnificent changes! Both local residents and adventurous tourists travel to see the brightly colored foliage throughout Vermont, New York, New Hampshire, and parts of Massachusetts as well as areas of Michigan and Wisconsin. In Japan, there is a traditional custom for viewing the changing colors called, "momijigari." Korea also has such a tradition that is called, "Danpung-Nori," which is popular in the Seoraksan and Naejang-san mountains. 

For many people, traveling to far off places is not an option, but you can also experience these amazing color changes right in your own back yard! Planting a variety of tress and shrubs will bring these autumn colors to your home. Such trees include Sugar, Red and Japanese Maples. The red color of the Japanese Maple will even turn a dark purple and will often times carry these colors throughout the springtime. Dogwoods, Crape Myrtles, and Cherry trees bring to mind spring flowers, but the leaves on these trees will turn gorgeous shades of red, yellow, and orange in the fall. Birch trees and Pomegranate display an array of yellows and golds and the Sweet gum will revel in a splendid mixture of colors along with Blueberry bushes. 

Check out our varieties of Maple, Sugar Gum, Crape Myrtle, Birch and Cherry Trees. We also have Blueberries and Pomegranates. Be sure to consider your environment (climate, temperature, soil type) when choosing your plants. Plant Me Green is here to help you bring autumn to your yard!   


August 15, 2017 by Bold Apps
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