Crabapple trees are beloved for their springtime flowers. Bursting forth in pops of pink, white, or red, these blooms can last for up to two weeks. But what happens if your crabapple tree doesn’t produce any flowers? Believe it or not, there are quite a few reasons why this may happen. Some are rather straightforward, while others are a bit more complex. Either way, after reading these reasons why your crabapple tree isn’t flowering, you may finally get the answers you’ve been looking for.

1. Maturity

If you recently purchased and planted one of our flowering crabapple trees for sale, you may need to wait just a little bit longer for your tree to mature. Crabapple trees don’t produce flowers when they are very young. If your tree is already mature, it may simply be beyond its consistent flowering years.

2. Nutrients

Just like the rest of the plants in your garden, your crabapple tree needs TLC, too. While they don’t need a ton of fertilizer, a light application every spring during its younger years will help your crabapple tree grow to be healthy and strong. And a healthy crabapple tree is (most often) a beautifully blossoming crabapple tree.

3. The Elements

Weather affects crabapple trees in more ways than we may imagine. If your location experienced a drier autumn than usual, your crabapple trees may not produce as many flowers in the spring. If you experience a warmer winter than usual, your tree may not get the chilling period it requires and thus, not bloom in the spring. Or, if you have multiple crabapple trees, you may experience one tree blooming and the other one remaining flower-free.

4. Sun

Sunlight could also be a reason why your crabapple tree isn’t flowering. If you plant your crabapple tree in a shady location, you’ll find that your tree doesn’t flower. These trees need full sunlight to grow and flourish.

5. Lack of Pruning

Crabapple trees thrive when pruned. Be sure to prune your crabapple tree every spring and make sure sunlight reaches every part of the tree. Be careful not to cut off last year’s growth, as you’ll lose the buds that would otherwise bloom.

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