At Plant Me Green, pecan trees are one of our most popular products and there are many varieties to consider. In addition, if you are buying pecan trees online, you also must decide whether to purchase bare root trees or container trees. Here is some information that might help you to decide. 

There are about 45 different varieties of pecan trees and we sell more than fifteen types of pecan trees online. These include the Amling, Caddo, Candy, Cape Fear, Cherryle, Creek, Desirable, Elliot, Forkert, Gloria Grande, Kanza, Kiowa, Lakota, Oconee, Pawnee, Stuart, Sumner, and Zinner. 

Each variety produces a different average number of nuts per pound of tree. For instance, an Amling will produce about 59 nuts per pound, while a Desirable will produce about 44. Each type of tree also has specific harvest times when the nuts will be ready to pick. Using the Amling as an example again, this pecan variety has a harvest time from late September until around the end of October. 

While the harvest times might not be important when selecting your pecan trees online, you do need to pay particular attention to the USDA Hardiness Zone of each type of tree. These zones establish a standard for gardeners to help them determine which trees and plants best grow in their climates. You will need to know in which zone you live prior to selecting your pecan tree. In general, pecan trees tend to do well in Zones 6 through 9, although some are suitable for the colder climate of Zone 5 and some can handle the conditions of Zone 10. 

When choosing pecan trees online, you also can select either a container tree or a bare root tree. A container tree is just what it sounds like, a tree with its roots planted into a container. These container trees can be transplanted from container to the ground from October to June. 

Bare root trees, on the other hand, are dormant trees with exposed roots. They are grown in our fields and then when they become dormant, we remove them. This can only be done between December and March and should be planted / transplanted as soon as possible. When buying pecan trees online, you will need to decide whether you want a container tree or bare root trees. Bare root trees must be planted while they are still dormant, which means before they begin to bud. 

The bare root trees tend to be a bit less expensive because there is less labor involved in production and they weigh less which makes them easier to ship. When buying pecan trees online, it also is important to note that bare root trees tend to adapt better to the new soil than a container tree. Still, the planting window for bare root trees is shorter, simply because you must plant while your pecan tree is dormant. If you've missed this window of opportunity but still want to plant a pecan tree, a container tree might be a better option. 

No matter which type of pecan tree you select, you will be certain to love these beautiful trees as well as the nuts that they will produce. Generally, once this tree reaches maturity, most will be about 70 to 100 feet high with a spread of 40 to 75 feet. Our pecan trees are grafted onto a Caddo root stock and should begin to produce their nuts in 3-5 years. Check our website for more information about buying pecan trees online. Under the Plant Info tab, select "Pecan" for our handy guide to selecting, planting and caring for your new pecan tree.


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