There’s nothing quite like the spectacle of a hydrangea plant in full bloom. If you are hoping to purchase a hydrangea online, we have many excellent options at Plant Me Green. Before you buy, check out the following information about growing and caring for your hydrangeas. 

Hydrangeas are flowering plants that work well in many of the USDA hardiness zones, especially zones 3 through 9, and this includes much of the continental United States. Generally, these plants prefer full sun in the morning followed by afternoon shade. Zones 1 and 2 tend to get a bit too cold for hydrangeas and zones higher than 9 typically are too hot for these beautiful plants. Be sure you know in which hardiness zone you live prior to buying a hydrangea online. 

Within the world of hydrangeas, there are many species and when you are buying hydrangeas online, the most commonly found species is probably hydrangea macrophylla. This also is known as the bigleaf hydrangea, and there are many different varieties or sub-species of hydrangea macrophylla. The hydrangea quercifolia is another common species of hydrangea, which is more commonly called the oakleaf hydrangea. This type of hydrangea is native to the southeastern United States, while the hydrangea macrophylla is native to Japan and China, although, of course, it is cultivated in the United States, as well. 

At Plant Me Green, we sell a variety of hydrangeas online, featuring colorful white, pink, blue or purple blooms. While your local nursery might feature one or two varieties of hydrangeas, buying a hydrangea online provides you with a greater selection, and you can select a hydrangea with flowers that truly complement your landscaping and tastes. 

One of the most interesting facts about hydrangeas is that with many species, the color of the flower changes depending on the soil pH. You can even alter the pH of your soil in order to change the color of the flowers. If you wish to change the color, be certain that when you buy a hydrangea online that it is the type that can change color. 

Your new hydrangea does best when it is planted in rich, porous soil. Be sure that the soil is somewhat moist prior to planting. When planting, dig a hole that is deep enough for the root ball and about three times as wide. Then add soil until the hole is about half full and water the plant. Once the water is absorbed into the soil, add the rest of the soil to fill in the hole and water the plant again. If you are planting more than one hydrangea, space them at least three feet apart.
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