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The Customer Service Department is available Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. EST. For immediate concerns or assistance, please call the Customer Service Department at (850) 270-0511 to speak with a representative directly. We are here to help and can be reached by phone or email.

Emailing is a great way to seek out assistance. You will receive a timely response from a representative ready to help!

Note: The Customer Service Department is closed during weekends and most national holidays. 

If you have any other questions, please contact our Customer Service Department, which is available Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. EST.


Phone: (850) 270-0511


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Q. Where are you located? 

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2077 S Jefferson Hwy
Monticello, FL 32344


Q. How will my PlantMeGreen product be shipped?
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A. We at PlantMeGreen strive to have your order shipped in the most efficient way possible. With that being said, we currently ship all our packages via UPS Ground.

Use the "Get shipping estimates" section on the first page of our shopping cart checkout.

UPS will calculate your shipping costs based on plant weight and your delivery zip code.


Q. What is the shipping charge on my PlantMeGreen purchase? 
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A. View our Shipping Information page for a chart of our shipping costs.


Q. How long will it take to ship my order?
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A. To insure your plants arrive in the healthiest condition possible, we try to send all shipments out at the beginning of the week so that they can arrive before the weekend. The status of your order can also depend on the type of product you order, the weather forecast, and many other variables. If you have any questions about the status of your order, please feel free to contact us.

Q. How Are My Plants Packaged?
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A. This blog post outlines how we package our plants.
Q. Can all varieties be shipped at any time of year?

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Most PlantMeGreen trees can be shipped and planted any time of year, unless the variety is specified as only seasonal delivery. For example, bare-root varieties can only be shipped when they are dormant. Packages are typically shipped within 7-10 days from the time of your order. You will receive tracking email upon confirmation of your PlantMeGreen purchase. On some occasions, severe weather and other unusual issues can delay shipping and delivery of your PlantMeGreen package.  Delivery time cannot be guaranteed, if a package needs to arrive prior to a specific date, or at a more convenient time for you, please notate that upon placement of your order. If you have any other questions, please contact our Shipping Department.


Q. What is your return policy?
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A. Plant Me Green's promise of quality - 

Any order placed with PlantMeGreen may be cancelled prior to shipping from our warehouse. Once the plant is shipped, all sales are final. There are no refunds. This being said, customer satisfaction is still our goal. Every plant we sell is covered by a conditional one-time replacement guarantee. If your plant fails to survive the transplant process, we will replace it within one year from the date of purchase as long as its condition may be reasonably and fairly attributed to us. The customer is responsible for choosing a plant suitable for the climate in which it will be grown and following the planting guidelines that are outlined in the PlantMeGreen brochure which is included in each shipment. Plants purchased outside the recommended USDA growing zone are not covered by the replacement policy. Also, we cannot guarantee damage from animals, human damage, extreme weather damage, overwatering, drought, insects, poor soil conditions and your gardening abilities. If you have questions concerning the proper care for your plant, please contact PlantMeGreen, we will be more than willing to assist you to make your planting experience a success. 

All requests for replacement will require at least two pictures. One picture of the ailing plant in its entirety and a second picture of the ground surrounding the base of the ailing plant. 

Our guarantee covers the cost of replacing the plant. Shipping charges are the responsibility of the customer and must be paid prior to sending the replacement plant. Please not, replacement orders do not qualify for any type of discounted shipping, shipping prices will be what the shipping carrier charges. If for any reason the same plant is not available, a credit equal to the purchase price of the ailing plant may be applied to another one of your choice. Any difference in price is the responsibility of the customer.

If your order is damaged during shipping, we need to be contacted within 5 days of you receiving the damaged package. In order to make a claim, we will need picture documentation. We ask that you take at least 2 pictures of the damaged box on the outside and at least 2 pictures of the damaged plant on the inside. Once we receive the pictures and verify the damage, we will replace the plant free of charge, including shipping.


Q. How do I find my Hardiness Zone?
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A. The USDA Hardiness Zone you live in can determine what plants will be best suited to survive and thrive in your area. Click here to visit our Zip Code Look-Up page and find out your current USDA Zone.

Q. Do You Have A Catalog?

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A. We are sorry, but we do not print paper catalogs. Our prices and availability is constantly-changing, and the best way for us to keep our database and customers up-to-date is through our website. We also eliminate thousands of pounds of paper waste a year by doing so, which furthers our commitment to reduce, reuse, and recycle. Feel free to contact our Sales Department at (850)270-0511.

Q. What is a Specimen Tree? Some of these terms are over a beginning gardener's head!
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A. Visit our Key "Green" Terms page for a glossary of key planting terms that we have used on this site, to better help you understand your plant variety.
Q. How can I tell what type of "soil" I have in my lawn and gardening area?
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A. There are many different types of soil in the United States. Each soil type is composed of different levels of water, oxygen, microorganisms, and minerals and other nutrients. Every single one of these things play a huge part in contributing to healthy plant growth. Use the descriptions below to help determine the soil matter your are working with, and this can help you better understand what you can do to improve your plants home. After all, good soil is one of the best ways you can have to help your plant thrive, and live a long and "fruitful" life!
Clay Based Soils - Does your soil refuse to absorb water? Does the soil stick to your trowel and other gardening tools? Then you are probably working with a clay based soil. This type of soil is composed of very small particles, which doesn't allow for much room for water and air to penetrate down to the roots of you plant. Clay soil takes many many years to develop.
Sand Based Soils - Is your soil very easy to dig and maneuver? Does water easily absorb into your soil? If so you are more than likely working with a sand based soil. Overly - sandy soil is not very fertile and can leave your plants without the proper water and nutrition.
Loamy Soils - Is a good combination of the above soils. Its sandy enough to be easy to dig into, but yet has enough clay organic material and nutrients to anchor and feed the root system which allows the proper nutrients to be absorbed within the plant. This is the ideal soil for planting most varieties.
Q. What do you use for grafting rootstock?
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A. Below is a list of what we use for our root stock

  • Persimmons are grafted onto native American persimmon root stock
  • Apples & crabapples are grafted onto Malus x domestica M111 apple root stock. 
  • Pears are grafted onto Callery pear root stock
  • Peaches & Plums are grafted onto Nemaguard root stock
  • Pecans are grafted onto Elliot & Curtis (2014) In 2015, it will be Caddo seedlings
Q. What should I do with the grafting tape?
A. Some times the grafting tape will deteriorate over time but it is best to remove the tape so it doesn't inhibit the growth of the tree. The tape should be above the ground. The actual height the grafting tape should be above the ground will vary, it depends on where the actual graft is located on the root stock. You should be able to see the soil mark where the tree was in the ground prior to being dug. 
Q. What does #1, #2, etc. refer to?
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A. #1, #2, etc refers to the size of the pot. As the pot size increase, so does the number of the pot. In the 'old' days, prior to lawyers, it was called a 1 gallon, 2 gallon, etc., it was never actually truly accurate. #1 pot is actually closer to 3/4 of a gallon and #5 pot is closer to 4 gallons. Here is a video link to help explain the size of the pots.

Q. Can I place an order for pickup from PlantMeGreen?
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A. Yes, to place an order for pickup, please contact us for a special code to void the shipping cost during the checkout process. However, all pickup orders are to be scheduled by appointment only.