If you’ve ever been to a southern state, you’re probably familiar with the beauty of magnolia trees. Believe it or not, Louisiana and Mississippi adopted the magnolia as their state flower, making it an iconic symbol of the south. These gorgeous trees have large blossoms that can grow up to five inches in diameter—their beauty is extremely hard to miss. Follow along to discover which magnolia tree is a fit for you and your yard before purchasing one to plant on your property.

Saucer Magnolias

Saucer magnolias are absolutely beautiful, and they’re one of the first magnolia species to exist. In fact, other cultivars come from saucer magnolias. While their name indicates a specific shape, these blossom formations may range from saucers to tulips. Furthermore, their color may be anywhere from white to red or purple. This variety thrives in USDA hardiness zones 4-9 and may tolerate various weather and growing conditions.

Jane Magnolias

Jane magnolias are one of the smallest magnolia trees, growing up to 15 feet tall. These small trees are perfect as an accent shrub or ornamental addition to your front yard. Jane magnolia blossoms are reddish purple on the exterior and white on the interior, making them unique and gorgeous flowers. Because they produce a sweet fragrance, jane magnolias are the perfect trees to add to your outdoor oasis.

Sweetbay Magnolias

Sweetbay magnolia trees grow up to 50 feet tall, making them an excellent choice for shade trees. This gorgeous tree produces cream-colored flowers that smell slightly lemony; these blossoms open in late spring or early summer. You should also know that these trees thrive in USDA hardiness zones 6-10 and grow best in shaded areas and wet soil.

Star Magnolias

Star magnolias are another small variety, making them the perfect choice for a tiny space or a small garden. These unique trees may grow between three and ten feet tall and thrive in USDA zones 4-9. Interestingly, these blossoms are four to five inches in diameter but may have up to 50 petals. Star magnolia flowers are usually white but may be shades of pink. These trees also bloom the earliest of most magnolia varieties and are hardy enough to resist frost.

It can be challenging to decide which magnolia tree is a fit for you and your yard, but this information should help. Consider buying your favorite magnolia trees online and planting them in the perfect spot as soon as possible. You won’t regret adding this touch of beauty and color to your property, as magnolia trees delightfully appeal to your senses.

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