Apples, bananas, and berries may be the fruits you choose on a daily basis, but they aren’t the only ones that offer unique flavors and unbelievable health benefits. Whether you eat pomegranates daily or you’ve never had one, you should know that they have the power to improve or prevent various chronic illnesses. Follow along to learn more about the life of a pomegranate tree and find out when fruit forms.

It Starts With a Seed

Like many other trees and shrubs, pomegranate trees start with a seed. Believe it or not, these seeds will begin germinating even if they aren’t in the ground properly. If you want to start growing a tree from a pomegranate seed, you should plant it in late spring to avoid any chance of a late freeze. On the other hand, your pomegranate seed will germinate and grow very quickly in a location with consistently warm weather.

Seedling to Sapling

When the seed begins sprouting stems or leaves, it becomes a seedling. From here, the new seedling will experience vigorous growth in height and width. After some time, the pomegranate seedling will develop into a sapling, which is a young tree. In this stage, the main stem—or the trunk—begins to look and feel more textured and woodsy, and it starts growing new branches.

Adult Stages and Maturity

As your new tree continues growing toward maturity, it becomes stronger and establishes a root system beneath the ground’s surface. Interestingly, pomegranate trees tend to reach maturity much sooner than other fruit trees. If you’re looking for a tree to produce fruit after a few years, pomegranates are an excellent option.

When Does The Fruit Come?

You may be wondering exactly how long it takes to get fruit from your new tree, and the answer is as little as one year but usually closer to two to three years. Although you may see a few fruits during the first growing season, they most likely won’t be of the best quality or size. However, after a few years of growing and getting stronger, your pomegranate tree should be able to bear healthy, abundant globes of sweetness.

Now that you know more about the life of a pomegranate tree, you’ll also know when to expect a decent fruit harvest. Growing fruit trees can be extremely rewarding—don’t write it off before weighing the benefits.

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