Many people plant trees for various reasons; whether you want shade, landscape flair, or cross-pollination, planting trees is an excellent idea. With that said, choosing the proper cultivars for your location is crucial for growing healthy and beautiful plants. While you may want your trees to provide shade, not all of them are able to withstand the scorching sun and excess heat. Check out the top heat-tolerant trees that can handle your yard for the best possible gardening experience.


Although it’s an exotic tree, an acacia can adapt to almost any landscape. Additionally, these beautiful trees thrive in extremely warm climates, making them the perfect addition to your yard if you’re concerned about heat resistance. It produces small blooms in the spring and summer and appealing foliage in the fall. Acacias grow quickly, meaning they soak up the sun and heat—leaving you with glorious shade in return.

Crape Myrtle

Crape myrtles are popular choices for the southern states, and for good reason. These gorgeous trees produce pink, purple, red, or white blossoms, and they thrive in full sun exposure and hot temperatures. If you’re looking for a stunning accent tree with an unbelievable pop of color, you should consider adding one or more crape myrtles to your yard.


Catalpas are amazing trees if you’re looking for something that’s heat-tolerant and produces stunning flowers. Furthermore, these beautiful trees thrive in full sunlight, but they may be able to adapt to partial shade if necessary. Although it may take them close to seven years to produce flowers, catalpas grow at a pretty rapid rate. Be careful about where you place this tree, as it tends to shed flower petals as the wind blows.


Poplar trees are incredible options to add to your yard, and many people love them because of their ability to grow rapidly and adapt to various growing conditions, including excess heat. Although most poplar cultivars are suitable for different weather patterns, hybrid poplars are the best choice for shade because they have a large branch spread.

Now that you know more about the top heat-tolerant trees that can handle your yard, you should buy potted trees online to enhance and complete your property landscape. Whether you live in an area with a hot climate or experience frequent droughts, you must take caution when choosing the best trees and plants for your yard.

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