Whether you love your neighbors or want some space from them, planting privacy trees on your property is the best way to create a barrier without sending the wrong message. Putting up a fence might tell your neighbors not to bother you, but trees can create beautiful scenery and provide a natural barrier. Check out the top five low-maintenance privacy trees for your yard.

Leyland Cypress Tree

Leyland cypress trees grow tall and dense, making them the perfect choice for a privacy line around your property’s perimeter. They’re relatively drought-resistant and can tolerate most soil types as long as it drains well, but they need complete exposure to sunlight to thrive.

Thuja Green Giant

When it comes to the best privacy shrubs for sale, thuja green giants are a common choice. Their tall stature and vibrant green foliage make them a great option as a stand-alone addition to your yard or a border if you plant several of them together.

Dahoon Holly Tree

Dahoon holly trees are evergreens that grow up to approximately 15 feet and produce green leaves, white flowers, and small red berries. While holly trees are usually associated with Christmas time, they are a beautiful addition to your property year-round. Additionally, they mature quicker than other trees, making them a wonderful privacy tree.

Little Gem Magnolia

Little gem magnolias are a smaller version of evergreen magnolias. While they only grow up to approximately 25 feet, little gems are just as beautiful. They produce large saucer-shaped white flowers that last for six months (May-October) out of the year! You can create a stunning border by planting several little gem magnolia trees together.

Flowering Dogwood Tree

As their name reflects, flowering dogwood trees produce tiny white flowers that last only a few months. However, they also sport green leaves during the summer and red berries in the fall, making them a beautiful addition to your property year-round. The continuous foliage makes flowering dogwood trees a superb choice to provide privacy and a great view.

If you want some extra privacy and believe a fence might send the wrong message, you should consider these top five low-maintenance privacy trees for your yard. They are a cheaper option, and trees add unmatched beauty to your property.

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