While you’ve probably never thought of growing your own apple trees, it’s a possibility if you reside in USDA zones four through nine. With that in mind, different varieties thrive best in specific regions of the country. When deciding which type to plant on your property, there are a few factors to consider first. Bite into which apple trees grow the best on the West Coast.

Granny Smith Trees

You’re probably familiar with the delectable tart flavor of a Granny Smith apple. Granny Smith trees are self-fertile, so you don’t need another tree to cross-pollinate with. But if you plant more than one, you could dramatically increase your overall fruit yield.

Granny Smith trees require about 400 chill hours, thrive in total sun exposure, and prefer somewhat acidic soil. Additionally, they can produce fruit in their very first growing season, which means you don’t have to wait years to start harvesting your own apples. Enjoy these with peanut butter or dip them in caramel for a tasty treat.

Gala Trees

Gala trees are a popular option, especially if you have children. Their sweet flavor makes for a great snack or delicious addition to a dessert dish. They thrive in full sunlight and require approximately 500 chill hours. Gala trees aren’t prone to pest or disease issues, making them a perfect option for someone new to gardening.

Although they’re self-pollinators, consider planting another variety on this list to increase your Gala crop size. Gala apple trees typically take three to five years to produce fruit, but the decadent flavor will be worth the wait.

Pink Lady Trees

Pink Lady trees keep performing season to season, and they can thrive almost anywhere. While they do best in warmer climates, they’ll still produce fruit in colder climates. Pink Lady trees can produce fruit in their first growing season, and these apples have a sweet but tart flavor, making them a favorite for baking and canning.

Pink Ladies require about 400 chill hours, and they produce unique foliage for every season, including beautiful pale pink flowers in the spring.

Fuji Trees

Fuji apples have a sugary-sweet flavor, making them a versatile choice for cooking, baking, or eating directly off the tree. Fuji trees are also a popular option on the West Coast, and they can produce fruit in their first growing season.

However, Fuji trees aren’t self-pollinators, so you must make sure another apple tree variety is nearby for cross-pollination. Additionally, Fuji trees thrive in full sunlight, and they require about 400 chill hours.

Growing apples in your yard is a great way to ensure you always have your favorite type on hand. Knowing which apple trees grow the best on the West Coast will help you choose the suitable variety to plant on your property. To buy apple trees online, visit Plant Me Green’s website for a good selection of apple varieties and other fruit trees.

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