It’s safe to say that the vast majority of people love their trees for the aesthetic value they bring to their yards and landscapes. But that isn’t trees’ only useful feature. In fact, trees that border your property can do an excellent job of blocking out noise. There are multiple ways for how border trees reduce noise pollution, and we’ll go through them to see exactly what’s happening when these trees cut off that noise before it hits your ears.


Noise absorption refers to when a physical object absorbs a soundwave. In the process, some or all of the energy dissipates. Trees have many different ways to absorb sound; the texture of their bark, the shape of their leaves, and even how dense their trunks are can affect their ability to absorb sound. Trees with larger diameters and rougher bark texture seem to be the best at absorbing sound. You’ll find these traits more often in conifers compared to deciduous trees.


Another way that border trees reduce noise pollution is by refracting the soundwaves that go through them. Refraction is the phenomenon of soundwaves suddenly changing direction when they hit a certain physical barrier. Soundwaves refract much harder off solid and textured surfaces. This means that the denser and rougher the border tree is, the more it will refract soundwaves in directions other than yours.


Masking a sound doesn’t actually interfere with the soundwave. Instead, masking is the process of covering up unpleasant sounds with a different, more pleasing noise. Border trees can do this in two ways. Some trees will rustle much more loudly than others based on their leaf shape and texture, masking unpleasant noises you may not want. Trees also attract wildlife that may mask sounds as well.


Deflection is similar to refraction in that it involves soundwaves bouncing somewhere else. Deflecting a sound means bouncing it directly back toward the source of the noise. Harder and denser objects are also better at deflecting than softer materials. Trees with denser bark and trunks can even deflect soundwaves back into each other, further reducing their ability to reach your ear and annoy you.

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