One of the most unique of the old legends handed down in the South is the story of the Dogwood Tree. I still remember the story of the Dogwood tree from when I was a child. Every Easter I stop and think of the story but I had forgotten some of the details in the many years since the first hearing of it. The internet has jogged the memory and I do hope you enjoy the tale as much as I still do. The story is just for fun but we hope you will enjoy and share with your family and friends. 

The Dogwood tree is a beautiful little tree that explodes in white blossoms each spring and is one of the favorite blooming trees among our customers. It grows across the South and is popular as a yard tree, but it also grows wild in the woods across the region.

The legend holds that the tree was once very large, like a Great Oak tree, and because its wood was strong and sturdy, it provided building material for a variety of purposes. According to the story, it was the dogwood tree that provided the wood used to build the cross on which Jesus was crucified.

Because of its role in the crucifixion, it is said that God both cursed and blessed the tree. It was cursed to forever be small, so that it would never grow large enough again for its wood to be used as a cross for a crucifixion. It’s branches would be narrow and crooked--not good for building at all. 

At the same time, however, the tree was blessed so that it would produce beautiful flowers each spring, just in time for Easter. To remember God's promise to the tree it is said he gave it a few traits so that whoever looks upon it will never forget. 

The petals of the dogwood actually form the shape of a cross. Upon close examination, it can be seen that the blooms of the tree always have four petals.

The middle of the Dogwood flower has a tight grouping of resembling a "crown of thorns." 

And the tips of each of the petals are indented, as if they bear a nail dent.

There are even colors in the petals that bring to mind the drops of blood that spilled during the crucifixion.

So there you have it, the Legend of the Dogwood Tree. If you would like to add this beautiful specimen to your yard, we do have a white flowering tree and a pink flowering tree available.
Happy Easter!
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Winona S said:

I love how God has built reminders of His love and constancy into his creations. All we have to do is look and we will be reminded of truths we knew so long ago and perhaps have forgotten. Dogwoods are so precious to me and I am proud to say we have had them in our yards from Pennsylvania to New Jersey to Utah! And they have been able to thrive in each place! Means so much to me! ❤️

Rick Dushuanack said:

I was told this story by my grandmother or mother when I was a very small child I belive it and love it I tell everyone that will listen

Vanessa Mobley said:

Beautiful Story !! I had heard this story Before when I was younger. I want to have some planted in My front yard. Thank You for sharing this Story, It brought back my remembrance of the Story of the Dogwood Tree.

Nana Deb said:

Beautiful legend, and have heard it all my life growing up in the South. Some here have commented that it is not Biblical and I would agree that I have not read in Scripture that the cross was made from a Dogwood tree. Perhaps it is more like a parable that tells a story, giving a wonderful illustration and reminder of Jesus Love and sacrifice on the cross for all who will believe!!! I have an older friend who told me that the Dogwoods always bloom right around Easter whether it comes in early Spring or late Spring! After she brought that to my attention, I have found it to be true!!!
I have always enjoyed the Legend of the Dogwood Tree…a wonderful way to Remember and Share what Jesus has done for us!!!
Happy Resurrection Sunday!!!🕊✝️🕊

Babette said:

I’m forever grateful this beautiful story was told to my husband & I. Which will be shared with many others. Jesus I Trust In You. 🙏🏻🌍✌️

Tammy Battenberg said:

I have 2 dogwood trees in my front yard whose trunks are 4-5 inches in diameter. I had 3 huge maple trees with trunk diameters of approximately 18 inches. A tornado hit our house and yard last year. All 3 huge trees were uprooted, but my little dogwood trees were not harmed. The dogwood trees were at edge and in between the maple trees!

Jan Thompson said:

This is such a beautiful story & legend. Every child in every country should be told it. It gives them knowledge of a Jesus who loved all of humanity, so much, that he allowed himself 2B nailed 2 the cross of the dogwood tree, 2 prove the great, all encompassing, strong, unbreakable love, he had 4 all human beings. It also teaches a child about compassion,4giveness, love, kindness & putting others B4 yourself, along with knowledge of the dogwood tree & it’s beautiful masses of creamy white 4 petals (symbolizing the linens his body was tenderly & lovingly wrapped in, when he was taken down from the cross) always only 4 petals (symbolizing the shape of the cross), the indentations at the end of each petal (symbolizing the holes where the nails were driven in), the rust color appearing, long after bloom opens (symbolizing the blood of Christ left on each nailhole) & the many stamens in the center of each bloom, spreading out in all directions (symbolizing the crown of thorns, pushed roughly N2 Christ’s head, as he is being nailed 2 the cross). Not only has a child learned much from this legend, but every Spring, when the dogwoods burst N2 their beautiful masses of creamy white blooms, they will be reminded of all this wonderful knowledge & it may help them 2B a better, more Christ-like human being.

Mildred McIntosh said:

I’m researching that story and so far as what I’ve read in the KJV it doesn’t mention a dogwood tree. To each his on but for me I think this story is lacking accuracy.

Veta Gardner said:

Beautiful for Situation! The legend of the dogwood tree is absolutely beautiful!
I love the dogwood tree.

Pamela Whitley Jones said:

I have heard of the legend the Dogwood tree. When I looked at the tree it seems like it’s a true legend. All I know is I thank God that he sent his only begotten Son too give his life for me. Whatever tree was used may be the Dogwood tree, or may not have been the Dogwood tree, I thank God for the blood that was shed for my sins, the suffering Jesus went through, the agony was great, he die and rose with all power in his hands.

Carol said:

This is a beautiful story to share with my grandson. He brought a starter home from school and it is doing great. He has been caring for it. We don’t know what color it will be ⁵yet but either one will be beautiful.

Diane said:

My dogwood tree first gets it leaves then the flowers. Ever since I buried my dog underneath it has become so full of leaves and flowers tons more than it ever had. I think it is my dogs way to tell me she is ok. It is full bloom right now.

Tammy Roehm said:

I have a beautiful dogwood tree growing in my yard

Tim said:

They also grow in the Sierra Nevada mountains

Marsha Giacobazzi said:

We just planted this tree last fall but wasn’t aware of the story behind it. When it bloomed this spring it was amazingly beautiful and it captured my heart and soul. I told my husband this tree is angelic there is something special about it. I had NO IDEA till my sister told me the story I was amazed and now it all makes sense how and why it’s so special!.

Birdie Shuck said:

Years ago I had a set of dishes with the dogwood flower on them. I heard the legend of the flower and love to think of God’s great love for us; seen in the story of the crucifixion .

Joshua Moon said:

We are in love with the dogwood trees we would love to have a couple in our yard but because of the pandemic we are short of cash we would love to find out how we can get a couple of trees for our yard. Thank you and God bless

Rick Biehle said:

There’s no other tree or flower that holds as much memory of yesterday and hope for tomorrow thsn does the dogwood tree.

When I was little and fooled by the early warm weather before spring my grandpa told me it ain’t spring until the Dogwood blooms.

The many years I spent in New Mexico found me every spring looking intently toward the mountains wanting and hoping to see a glimpse of the Dogwood bloom. Sadly it was never there.

Now back home every spring catches me longingly looking into the woods for the dogwood bloom to tell me that spring is here and the cold winter has truly passed.

The dogwood tree and it’s bloom are always a symbol of hope and promise for me.

It’s good to be home and it’s really good to see the Dogwood bloom

Houston said:

I love trees!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I hate trees said:

It is so ugly ewwwwwwww

I luv trees said:

I wuvvvv trees they look cute

Mary Kay McMullin said:

I have heard this story my entire life. It is the perfect story to share with your grandchildren. We are seeing dogwoods today as we drive through the Mark Twain forest in Missouri. It filled my heart to share this my granddaughter. ❤️

Tristian Bales said:

I neer in my life heard this before, the person who i heard it from, made it kinda astounding. Its amazing when someone you know wants to bring up Jesus just randomly out of the blue left field. God bless the universe!

Sam Mullen said:

I moved into this new residence and my sister noticed a tree in my front yard. She said it was a dogwood tree and she told me the story of it And how it blooms every Easter. Resurrection. The following year a week before Easter it was very cold and the tree had no signs of blooming anytime soon. I said to myself well there goes that legend guess that’s not true. Two days later on my way to work I looked at the tree and it was fully budded. I was amazed with disbelief. Butterflies all down my spine. Saturday before Easter that tree was fully bloomed. I will forever believe this story and nobody can never tell me any different. So proud it’s in my front yard.

Pamela T Kok said:

I new of the telling of this as a young person from my mom and dad
My mom always wanted a dogwood tree
But never got around to getting one
So now since I am older I am going to get one are more for her thank you for the
Reminding me of the story

Butch said:

I am 75, as a youngster our road through a woods. Our end of the road was, 6 houses. The dogwood tree grew all through out the woods. I was told the story. About the cross Jesus was crucified on was the dogwood, in some states the dogwood tree is protected

Vi Newbold said:

It is 7/17/2020. One of two pink dogwoods in my yard is blooming—has several fully developed white blooms. It bloomed with pink blossoms in April. I feel blessed and reassured during this pandemic with new, white blooms.

David R. Snyder said:

I grew up in Pennsylvania and we had Dogwood Trees grow wild there. I haven’t seen one for a looooooong time. The legend continues. God Bless America!!!

gertrude Isaac said:

I grew up in the South and was told by my aunt whom I lived with told me the story about the Dogwood tree

Margaret L. Andrade said:

I lived in North Carolina , where my son Nash was born & I remember that in early spring these Lovely small size trees in the woods were blooming. I did not know what kind of tree the were,but found out that they were white & pink beautiful Dogwood Trees. I live in Calif. now and I would love to have some in my yard !!!Thank you very much for your information about the Lovely Tree!!!

Yn said:

Somebody looked at the dogwood tree with a vivid imagination and love for God and came up with the story that has survived the test of time. I don’t know how long ago that happened but I heard it as a child as well and that was more than 50 years ago. I was pleased to find it when I wanted to pass it on to my next generation. I hope they remember it too.Thank you for capturing it so nicely.

Aprillynn Beland said:

My mom had over thr house plaques that had the says of the dogwood trees I have loved them ever since I love the pink ones I have a nickname as pinky so I guess you see why I like the pink ones but my mom has passed away now and the dogwood tree makes me think of her and how she distilled In use the legend of the dogwood tree

Betsey Murrell said:

My father and I always discussed this when I was growing up this is why it’s my favorite!

Rochelle Arazie Fuentes said:

What a. beautiful story about a beautiful tree and also about our precious Lord Jesus who died for our sins so that we also will go to heaven to be with God for eternity. I have 8 white and 3 pink dogwoods in my yard, I love them and now I will always remember this story to tell my 9 grandchildren. Thank you. God bless Love Rochelle Arazie Fuentes

Rexianne said:

I love the meaning of this unique & beautiful tree…I was told this story as a little girl❤️It’s a really bright,& Beautiful time of year! Thank you for this,& more so thank you Jesus for sacrificing for my sins❤️

Harry Wood said:

Yes, it is a beautiful story. It is a remarkable illustation to tell the story of Jesus and His work of coming to die for us.

But remember the dogwood tree is only a legend!

Research trees from the Holy Land, I don’t think the dogwood tree would have been the tree Jesus actual would have had as a cross.

I actually have had people say Jesus’s cross was the dogwood, beautiful illustation but not factual.

Hazel Hampton said:

Just before the bloom falls off there’s dots of red on the blooms that’s is the drops of blood of jesus christ.
That what my grandmother always told us.

Shirley Tilson said:

This was my Mother’s favorite tree. She could only get 1 to grow at their place at Toledo Bend, Texas. And it was beautiful. She also had a plaque that had a poem about the Dogwood tree. I want to try and get one to grow..

Melanie Mattil said:

Such a beautiful tree! Thank you for sharing. Love the blooms.

Yolanda. Carmona said:

Beautiful flower beautiful story it’s a first for me

Henry Chase said:

Thats a first, I have never heard something like that before.

Carol C Stevens said:

I love this legend that seems to be quite true.

Sandra Zeleznik said:

Thank you.

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