The numerous magnolia tree varieties make them suitable options for many climates, regions, and conditions. Fortunately, magnolias are relatively easy to grow and care for, as they aren’t prone to many pests and diseases. But you should avoid these common mistakes when growing a magnolia tree to enjoy the most beautiful scenery and aroma.

Planting Location

Maintaining healthy growth starts before you even plant the tree. When it comes to planting magnolia trees, the location is essential in more than one way. You must consider your hardiness zone and the potential for overcrowding.

Hardiness Zone

Your hardiness zone is an important consideration before you purchase a magnolia tree. Improper conditions can cause a weak root system and hinder tree growth as a result. Several varieties are suitable for northern regions, while others thrive in the southern areas.


In addition to your hardiness zone, the physical location on your property matters when planting a magnolia tree. Since they grow to be approximately 10-15 feet wide, you should be cautious of overcrowding. Be sure to plant them at least 20 feet away from other trees and any other permanent structures such as houses and sheds.

Planting Timing

Believe it or not, the timing is crucial when planting magnolia trees on your property. For example, northern and southern regions have different ideal times for planting. If you’re in the north, spring is the best time to plant a magnolia tree; on the other hand, fall is the ideal time in the south. The southern climates have milder winters, making it easier for the tree to survive the winter before maturity.

Under-watering in the Early Stages

New magnolia trees need plenty of water, especially in the hotter months. In fact, under-watering in the early stages is one of the most common reasons for a magnolia tree to fail. Although deep, less frequent watering is best, you may have to water more often if your soil doesn’t hold moisture.

If you avoid the common mistakes made when growing a magnolia tree, you’ll be more likely to enjoy the stunning flowers and decadent scent of a mature tree. Check out Plant Me Green’s extensive variety of magnolia trees for sale online to find one that fits your needs and thrives in your location.

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