Can planting trees increase property value? The short answer is yes, trees help with curb appeal, but the long answer is a bit more detailed. Not every tree will add value. Some trees can increase property value, while others can actually do the opposite. Learn more about what trees will entice potential buyers and give you shade and privacy until that day comes.

Do Trees Increase Property Value?

They do, but what climate you live in plays a big role in choosing the right trees and when to plant them. Newly planted trees need moderate temperatures and rainfall to fully root and acclimate to their new homes. Springtime is, of course, the best season for planting new trees, but so is early fall.

Depending on your property, one type of tree might be a better choice than others. Oak trees thrive with a specific acid level in the soil, and willow trees love moist soil. You’ll also need to consider the size of your lawn when you’re choosing the right tree.

Fruit trees, like apple trees or plum trees, are really valuable, and if you live in a warm climate, exotic trees like palms, citrus, and magnolias will add value.

What Trees Don’t Increase Property Value?

Some trees can be detrimental to your home’s worth. Anything with a sprawling root system, like elms or poplars, can wreak havoc on your foundation, sewer system, or plumbing. Having them in your front yard can be okay, but if they’re near something in your backyard like a swimming pool, you aren’t doing your property value any favors. Be sure to plant them far enough away from your structures or walkways.

Of course, you’ll also want to plant trees that are more or less indigenous to your area to ensure they’ll easily survive any extreme changes in temperatures. Palm trees are great on the West coast, but they might not make it through a harsh Midwest winter.

Find Apple Trees for Sale

Can planting trees increase property value? It can! You can find potted apple trees for sale at Plant Me Green to raise your home’s worth. Contact us with any questions and explore our blogs to learn more about planting and caring for saplings in your yard.

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