Whether you have a large or small yard, you may want to see more wildlife on your property. Nature is incredibly beautiful, and watching animals in their natural environment is amazing. The ecosystem near your home works without human intervention, but you can connect with this ecosystem and bask in awe of nature when you spend time in your yard taking it all in. Check out these helpful ways you can attract wildlife to your backyard.

Reduce Pesticide Use in Your Yard or Garden

It’s no secret that pest infestations can harm your garden, but pesticide use is a surefire way to harm beneficial animals and insects, such as pollinators and harmless animals. Many animals won’t come near your yard if you use these chemicals, and those that do may experience harm. Therefore, you can make your yard more appealing to bees, butterflies, birds, and squirrels by removing pesticides from your property. Fortunately, there are various natural ways to prevent pests from multiplying in your yard so that you don’t have to use pesticides.

Provide a Water Source

Wildlife needs water just like we do. Many animals will travel as far as necessary to find a water source, but you can make the journey much shorter for them by adding a water source to your property. You don’t have to install a large pond, either. In fact, a small birdbath or bee pond can effectively provide water to local wildlife.

Plant Trees and Flowers

Planting trees and flowers is one of the most effective ways to attract wildlife, as seeds, nectar, pollen, and fallen fruit are some of the most prominent food sources for animals. When deciding which trees to plant, you should consider whether your desired species are native to your area. If they’re not, they may not thrive the way you want them to. Aside from providing food to wildlife, trees, plants, and flowers also create the perfect habitat or shelter for insects and animals.

If you’re looking for a unique tree to add to your property, consider celeste fig trees for sale. These beautiful trees are self-pollinating and suitable for USDA hardiness zones 7-9. You’ll be able to attract wildlife to your yard and harvest delicious, nutritious fruit.

Add Bird Feeders and Houses

Birds are magnificent creatures, and you may be able to provide a perfect home for them in your yard. If you want to see more birds on your property, consider adding various bird feeders containing seeds or nectar to provide a safe space for many bird species. You can also add birdhouses if you want these animals to stick around.

Create Brush or Compost Piles

Brush and compost piles effectively create shelter, habitats, and a food source for local wildlife. You can create a safe space for various animal species on your property by creating brush or compost piles. This is a surefire way to ensure you see more wildlife in your yard and boost their safety in your local community.

Knowing a few ways you can attract wildlife to your backyard can help you create the ultimate safe space for animals, birds, and insects. You and your family can share a deep connection with nature by transforming your yard into an oasis that appeals to all kinds of wildlife.

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