Gardening is a rewarding hobby, but it’s not always easy. There’s a lot to know, and the growing process is slow—especially for trees. While trees are some of the hardiest, low-maintenance plants, they still need a little extra love and care from time to time. Whether you have existing trees on your property or you’re planting new ones, you should know a few significant tips for checking the health of your trees.

Look at the Roots

The root system is arguably the most important part of a tree to consider when inspecting for health concerns, as the root system impacts the entire tree. Check to see if the ground around the tree is heaving, if mushrooms are growing around it, or if there’s any root damage. Checking the roots is crucial if you’ve recently done any extensive digging or other yard project nearby.

Check for Fungus

Fungus is an incredibly common thing to see on your tree. Therefore, you should check for fungus growth on the branches, trunk, and leaves. Unfortunately, fungus can grow very quickly—your tree may be clear one day and covered the next. Stay on top of fungal issues, and consider treatment options as soon as you notice it growing on your trees.

Make Sure a Young Tree Isn’t Leaning

It’s not uncommon to see a leaning tree, but you may have to remove it if almost all of the root system is out of the ground. With that said, you may be able to salvage a young, leaning tree if you catch it on time. If you notice your young tree leaning toward one side or the other, you should immediately stabilize it using stakes or a complete staking kit.

Examine the Leaves

If your tree is dying, a lack of leaves may be the first thing you notice. Similarly, if your tree doesn’t have leaves when it should or has leaves when it shouldn’t, it is likely unhealthy. Additionally, you should make sure the leaves are the proper shape, size, and color for the current season. If not, you may have to treat an issue or remove the tree from your property.

With a few helpful tips for checking the health of your trees, you can maintain strong trees in your yard. These tips will help you with a wide variety of tree and plant species. Gardening isn’t always easy, but keeping your plants and trees healthy is always worth the research and treatment.

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