If you’ve been to the South in the United States, it’s likely that you’ve seen crape myrtle trees. They are quite hard to miss with their large bundles of brightly colored flowers. Crape myrtle trees are hardy trees that are beautiful to look at all year-round. They aren’t usually considered difficult trees to take care of, but you can take a few precautions to make them look their absolute best. Here are 3 tips to grow the perfect crape myrtle tree in your yard.

Get Them as Much Sun as Possible

Crape myrtle trees love getting as much sun as possible, and you definitely want them to get all that sunlight. The more sunlight crape myrtle trees are exposed to, the more flowers you’ll get when they blossom. When deciding where to plant your crape myrtle trees, consider the positioning and how much sun they’ll get. Don’t put them somewhere where a building or other tree will block them from receiving sunlight.

Mulch Can Help With Temperature Control

A useful tip for growing the perfect crape myrtle tree in your yard is to use mulch for the colder months of the year. Crape myrtles are hardy trees, to be sure, but cold temperatures can still pose problems for their growth. Putting a decent amount of mulch around your crape myrtle tree can help keep it warm if you live somewhere that gets very cold winters. A few inches of mulch go a long way towards protecting them until the spring.

Remove Seedpods To Prevent Unwanted Growth

One of the nice things about crape myrtle trees is how they stay beautiful even without their flowers. This is because of their attractive seedpods that grow when the flowers fade. One thing to be aware of with these seedpods is that they can start growing on their own once they hit the ground. If you let them start to grow for too long, their roots could start to choke out the roots of your fully grown tree. Cleaning up these seedpods around your tree’s base can help with making sure it stays healthy for a long time.

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