Many people believe that beautiful plants require advanced gardening skills, but that’s not always the case. In fact, magnolia trees are the perfect option for beginners as they’re relatively disease- and pest-resistant. Furthermore, they produce gorgeous white and pink flowers, and the trees need little to no pruning. Explore these tips for caring for your new magnolia tree to keep your stunning tree healthy and thriving.

Apply Mulch Around the Tree’s Base

Mulching is a gardening term that refers to layering organic material on top of the soil at the tree’s base. Although it’s not a necessity for gardening, mulching does provide many benefits for your magnolia tree. Primarily, mulch keeps the soil moist throughout the summer months and prevents weeds from thriving. Early spring or mid-fall is the best time to apply mulch, and you should start by removing weeds and other debris from the area. Lightly water the soil’s surface if it’s dry, and apply a thin layer of garden compost.

Provide Supplemental Watering Until Maturity

It’s no secret that most trees require more water when they’re new and adapting to their location. This is true for magnolia trees as well, and you should water yours regularly until it matures. Once it reaches maturity, it’ll only need water in the warmer months, and you can expect to provide supplemental moisture if the soil feels dry to the touch. As a general rule, stick your finger about an inch into the soil, and water it as soon as possible if it feels dry.

Prune Only When Necessary

As previously mentioned, magnolia trees require little to no pruning in order to stay healthy. With that in mind, you should prune only when necessary. Your tree may have water sprouts or dead wood, and you should carefully remove these to ensure your magnolia tree stays in tip-top shape. Otherwise, you can expect to use a relatively hands-off approach when it comes to your tree’s condition.

After learning these tips for caring for your new magnolia tree, you can enjoy its beautiful blooms with peace of mind. Visit Plant Me Green online for potted magnolia trees for sale if you want to start your gardening journey with an incredibly iconic tree.

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