Not many plants can compete with crape myrtle trees for the most beautiful summer pop of color. Although they thrive in hot, humid weather and are drought-tolerant after establishment, there’s nothing more frustrating than the lack of blooms on the branches. Discover the top three reasons your crape myrtle is not blooming.

Late Pruning

Pruning too late is probably the most common reason your crape myrtle tree isn’t blooming. Never prune it after it’s started growing in the spring or before it blossoms, or you risk accidentally removing new growth. Instead, it’s best if you prune them either after they finish flowering or exceptionally early on in the spring before flowers emerge.

Lack of Sunshine

Another one of the top reasons your crape myrtle is not blooming is because of its location. They require six to eight hours of continuous sunlight each day; therefore, you must make sure your plant’s placement allows for that.

For example, if other trees shade your crape myrtle, it may not get the proper exposure it needs and won’t flourish as much as you’d like.


Although crape myrtles tend to be drought resistant after their year or two establishment period, an extremely dry phase can cause early dormancy, resulting in a lack of flowering. With additional irrigation or proper rainfall, your crape myrtle tree may bloom later in the season than usual, so give it some time before giving up hope.

It’s better to deeply soak the tree’s roots once in a while rather than frequently splashing it with a little bit of water. You can do this by using a gardening hose by hand or turning on a yard sprinkler for about an hour.

While the reasons for a crape myrtle not blooming seem daunting, they are indeed the most beautiful trees you’ve ever seen while in full bloom. That makes them a perfect addition to any property. Visit Plant Me Green online for an extensive selection of crape myrtle trees for sale. We also offer all-encompassing growing guides for your new plants and will answer any questions you may have regarding plant maintenance.


Carol said:

Thank you for this very useful information.
I just received my crepe myrtle tree and this is my first time on planting a tree. So thank you for your advice 😉☺️

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