Gardening is an incredible hobby to start, but the stream of useful knowledge can feel endless. Almost anyone can put a new plant or tree in the ground, but caring for it beyond that is an art. Many people want to care for plants and keep them alive, but they simply don’t know how. If you’re thinking about bringing in a new addition for your garden or landscaping, learn more about the three nutrients you absolutely need for your newly planted tree to ensure it stays strong and healthy.


Potassium is one of the most essential nutrients for a new tree because it encourages healthy growth and fruit-bearing capabilities. When a fruit tree doesn’t have enough potassium, it may not bear any fruit, or it could yield a diminished harvest. Potassium can protect your new trees from harm during the cold months, which is extremely important for continuous growth. A tree with sufficient potassium is less likely to suffer from disease and may fight off illness much quicker.


Nitrogen is arguably the most important nutrient for plants, as it helps them carry out vital functions to stay alive and well. Chlorophyll contains nitrogen in part, which helps plants transform soil, water, and sunlight into their food source. In addition, nitrogen is responsible for healthy leaf growth and the green vibrance you notice on healthy plants and trees. Many fertilizers contain a significant amount of nitrogen since plants and trees can’t survive without it.


Phosphorous is a necessary nutrient for a new tree; it helps the tree establish a robust root system. This nutrient might also help your trees produce fruit, seeds, and flowers. If your tree needs extra support to thrive or protect itself from unpleasant diseases and pests, phosphorous could be a perfect solution to ensure plant health and stability.

If you want to plant privacy trees around your property, you’ll definitely benefit from knowing more about the three nutrients you absolutely need for your newly planted tree. Fruit, privacy, and ornamental trees are excellent additions to your landscape, but you may not know the best practices when it comes to caring for young trees. These nutrients are a great place to start to ensure plant health.

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