There’s nothing better than biting into a pear fresh from the tree; unfortunately, humans aren’t the only ones with a strong attraction to fruit trees. Pears are one of the easiest fruits to grow in your backyard, but the trees still may suffer from some pests and diseases. Although it’s nearly impossible to avoid when growing outdoors, here are some reasons why you should keep bugs off your pear tree.

They May Cause Mold

Aphids are insects that love to infest most fruit trees, including pear trees. They tend to group together underneath the leaves and suck the plant’s juices. As a result, aphids leave behind a substance called honeydew, which makes your pear tree the perfect breeding ground for sooty mold.

Usually, aphids aren’t a huge issue. In fact, you can use your hose to rinse them away, and many insecticide oils work to kill the eggs before they become a significant problem.

They Can Damage Fruit

Many people don’t know about this pear pest, but codling moths can cause significant damage to your homegrown pears. They like to burrow inside the fruit itself, which causes both shallow and deeper holes in the pears. With that in mind, proper pruning techniques are essential to keep your pear tree healthy. You can stop codling moths from becoming a big problem by removing damaged fruit from the tree as soon as possible.

Your Tree May Lose Its Leaves

If you notice excessively rolled leaves on your pear tree, it’s probably not a coincidence. Insects called leafrollers roll up your pear tree’s leaves and tie them together with silk webbing. These insects feed off the rolled leaves, causing the foliage to die and fall from the tree.

If left untreated, these pests can spread to the fruit and cause further damage. Many insecticides are effective at killing these bugs, but be sure to spray carefully to ensure it gets inside the rolled leaves.

Pear Decline Disease

A pest known as pear psylla can cause severe problems for your pear tree, and they’re likely to develop resistance to many insecticide options. An infestation of pear psylla can cause rapid tree health decline and eventually kill your pear tree. You should treat with insecticide oils and kaolin clay; it’s important to note that treatment may be more effective during the dormant season.

Knowing why you should keep bugs off your pear tree can help protect it from detrimental pests and diseases. If you want to start growing your own pears, don’t let these insects discourage you from looking for pear trees for sale. Aside from bugs, pear trees are relatively low-maintenance and easy to care for, making them a perfect option for gardening beginners.

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