There’s nothing quite like the beautiful sight of a flowering crabapple tree blooming in the spring. It’s the perfect sign that winter is behind you. Furthermore, these trees add a huge pop of color to any landscape when everything thaws out. Not every crabapple tree flowers the same way or with the same color, though. We have a few tips for choosing the right flowering crabapple tree. Use them to get the perfect view outside your window every spring.

Know Your Hardiness Zone

The hardiness zone you live in will affect your flowering crabapple tree a lot, so it’s a good idea to know what zone you’re in. Crabapple trees tend to do best in zones 4 through 8, although some can even grow in zone 3 if you happen to live farther north. Crabapple trees are tough and can certainly handle rough temperature drops, but particularly cold winters or hot summers can affect their growth and fruit production.

Choose a Contrasting Flower Color

One of the best tips for choosing the right flowering crabapple tree is to pick one that will bloom in a color that stands out against its surroundings. For example, you don’t want to buy a flowering crabapple tree that blooms with white flowers if you plan to place the tree next to a white building. You’ll lose a lot of the effect and beauty of the tree if you can’t even see the flowers. A contrasting color will make a bigger statement when they finally bloom.

Know How Long the Fruit Will Persist

The flowers of a crabapple tree only last so long before they become fruit. Crabapples, just like the flowers, can create a beautiful sight when they cover your tree. It’s a good idea to know how persistent the fruit is as well. You want to be able to tell when they’ll fall and how long you’ll be able to enjoy the sight of them on your tree.

Smaller Fruit Sizes Create Less Mess

When it comes to crabapple sizes, many people agree that smaller ones are better. Since crabapples are primarily for looks anyway, getting a tree that produces smaller fruit is the way to go. Larger crabapples create much larger messes that you’ll need to clean up once they fall off the tree. Save yourself the hassle and find a tree with small fruit so that you don’t need to constantly clean up after it.

Plant Me Green loves providing our customers with beautiful flowering crabapple trees. Look at our selection to find the right flower type and fruit type for your yard.

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