Whether you have a large or small property, your landscaping is essential to your curb appeal. When you think of curb appeal, you might assume what you see around your home’s exterior is what affects it; however, the smell of your property also plays an important role. To increase curb appeal, consider adding some of the five best fragrant trees for your property.

Apple Trees

Apple trees are one of the best and most fragrant trees to plant in your yard, and there are countless varieties available, from dwarf trees to large shade trees. Although you may think apple trees are only good for producing fruit, they also yield beautiful flowers with a sweet aroma. Before you buy apple trees online, you should decide whether you want a large tree to provide shade or just a shrub for a smaller space.

Crape Myrtle Trees

Crape myrtle trees are another one of the most fragrant trees to add to your landscape. While many other flowering trees bloom in the spring, crape myrtles fill your summer and early fall landscapes with vibrant colors and sweet fragrances. Whether you want to see white, pink, red, or purple flowers with a beautiful floral aroma, crape myrtle trees are one of the best options to plant in your yard.

Magnolia Trees

Magnolia trees are one of the most popular trees that adorn southern landscapes, and they produce large cream-colored flowers. Believe it or not, magnolia flowers can grow up to 5 inches in diameter, making them one of the most beautiful additions to your property. These blossoms appear in late spring, and they smell somewhat lemony. While magnolia trees are best suited for southern climates, they may suit northern climates if you protect them from cold weather.

Crabapple Trees

Crabapple trees are relatively similar to regular apple trees, but their fruit isn’t best suited for eating fresh off of the branch. In fact, these trees are better known for their gorgeous white and pink blossoms. Their pretty flowers have a light, sweet aroma. And if you don’t want your crabapple tree to drop fruit in your yard, you should consider planting one of the fruitless cultivars.

American Wisteria Trees

Wisteria is a vine-type tree, but it can appear and function as a standard tree if you train it properly. There are three types of wisteria trees: American, Chinese, and Japanese. With that said, the Chinese and Japanese varieties are beautiful, but they are invasive in the United States; therefore, the American cultivar is the best option to add to your property. If you want to see beautiful purple petals with a sweet fragrance, American wisteria trees are a perfect choice.

Now that you know more about the five best fragrant trees for your property, you can decide which one is best for you. Your curb appeal will increase immensely by adding beautiful and fragrant flowering trees to your landscape.

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