Giving gifts is a common practice in our lives, and it has become incredibly important among many families for holidays and special occasions. Whether you’re a terrible gift giver or you’ve run out of new ideas, you can benefit from learning more about gifting trees. While it may seem strange to give someone a tree, it’s actually a meaningful and lifelong gift. Consider these special occasions perfect for a forever gift.

Wedding Gift

Weddings mark the beginning of something beautiful, so there’s no better way to commemorate the day than something new and permanent. In a way, weddings are similar to planting a seed or seedling; you plant something and provide nourishment to help it grow. Because marriages are a lot like trees, gifting a new tree to the newlyweds is symbolic. This tree will become a part of their yard and lives, and it’ll forever be a reminder of the day they vowed to grow together forever.

Housewarming Gift

Moving into a new place is a big deal for many people, and it marks the beginning of a new chapter for them. So gifting a new homeowner an oak tree or another tree is an excellent way to let them know you’re happy for them and proud of their accomplishment. While others may give them home goods as housewarming gifts, gifting a new tree isn’t something everyone considers; this gift is unique and meaningful.

Valentine’s Day Gift

Many people think Valentine’s Day is overrated, but it doesn’t have to be an extravagant holiday. Although some may expect diamonds and roses, you can give the gift of a beautiful tree that lasts a lifetime. Flowers die after a few days, but a tree can permanently symbolize your undying love for your spouse, partner, or significant other.

Mother’s Day Gift

Your mom deserves nothing but the very best, but you can only purchase so many picture frames, figurines, flowers, and mugs for Mother’s Day. While your mom probably appreciates anything and everything you gift her, you can give her something she won’t expect: a fruit tree. Fruit trees are beautiful and produce delicious fruit each year.

Whether you choose her favorite fruit or something with unique symbolism, your mom will love your unique and meaningful gift. You can buy plum trees online to give your mom something beautiful she’ll never forget.

New Baby Gift

The arrival of a new baby is exciting, but sometimes, it seems like new baby gifts are all the same. While it’s easy to pick out an adorable little outfit or a new blanket, the parents probably have everything they need and more. With that said, you can look deeper than the basic gift ideas and give them something they’ll remember. Give the family a low-maintenance tree to plant; this way, they can watch it grow alongside their precious child.

Hopefully, you’ve learned that gifting trees is the perfect practice for these special occasions perfect for a forever gift. Material items don’t last forever, but a healthy tree helps the environment and lasts a lifetime.

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