While growing peaches at home can be rewarding, it can also be challenging. There are many things you can do to ensure your peach tree grows, but you can make mistakes before and during planting. Although peach trees are relatively low-maintenance, they require care and commitment before planting. Avoid these common mistakes made when planting a peach tree to increase your chances of a successful fruit yield.

Choosing the Wrong Variety

As with any tree, choosing the wrong peach tree variety for your USDA hardiness zone can cause issues right away. For instance, varieties such as Contender and Intrepid are hardy enough to thrive in zones four and five, but Harvester and Dixieland aren’t suitable for zones lower than six.

Aside from hardiness zones, you must also consider the chill hours the variety requires. Specific regions can have different chill hours than other regions within the same zone, so double-checking is imperative before you buy peach trees online.

Inadequate Planting Site

Peach trees thrive when they get eight hours of sunlight on a typical summer day. Like many fruit trees, peach trees require adequate sun exposure to produce fruit; therefore, you shouldn’t plant them in a shady spot. Instead, you should choose the sunniest area possible away from other trees to avoid root competition.

Improper Soil Conditions

Proper soil conditions are essential for peach trees. They require soil that drains well and has a pH level between 6.0 and 7.0. For that reason, you should avoid planting in low-drainage spots to prevent catching drainage, and you should test your soil pH before choosing a planting site.

Pro Tip

Consider planting your peach tree in a raised bed or container if your soil is dense or poorly drained.

Forgetting the Mulch

After planting your peach tree, it’s best to apply a 2-3 inch layer of organic mulch around its base and root zone. Doing so helps prevent weeds, water-pooling, evaporation, and freeze injury. Without it, your peach tree might not survive through a cold winter.

Now that you’re aware of the common mistakes people make when planting a peach tree, you can do your best to avoid making them. Proper planting sets you up for success, but your work doesn’t end there. Peach trees require regular pruning, feeding, and spraying for pests and diseases.

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