Blueberries are among the elite list of superfoods, and they contain tons of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Whether you enjoy this delicious fruit every day or you’re looking for ways to incorporate healthy foods into your diet, you could benefit from growing blueberries in your yard. Learn these four signs that your blueberry bush is ready to harvest for the best possible berries to eat.

It’s Time in Your Hardiness Zone

Believe it or not, your specific hardiness zone is one of the main factors determining your blueberries’ harvest time. Generally, the blueberry harvesting season can start as early as late June and continue through late August, depending on the climate. While this is a general time frame to be ready for harvest, the specific time may depend on the weather and other factors that can speed up or slow down ripening.

They’re Blue

Interestingly, the blue color alone doesn’t mean your berries are ready for picking. However, the changing of color indicates they should be ready in a few days. The berries start at pink or white and then turn green before turning blue. While you may want to pick them as soon as they turn blue, you should give them a few more days to ripen on the bush. Ideally, they should have no hints of pink or green.

They Fall Off the Bush

Ripe blueberries fall off the bush with little to no effort. With that in mind, they’re probably not ready if you have to pull them away from the stems. If they fall right off the bush, that’s the best way to know your berries are ready to harvest.

They Pass Your Taste Test

Although effortlessly pulling them from the bush is the ultimate sign that your blueberries are ready to harvest, a taste test is the best way to ensure they are to your preference. Choose berries of different shades of blue to taste, and then you’ll be able to determine which shade tastes best to you.

Whether you’re preparing for your first harvest or looking for blueberry trees for sale, knowing the signs your blueberries are ready to pick can help you make the most of your growing experience. You can enjoy fresh dishes and desserts all season long when you have blueberries at your fingertips!

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