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Pamela Crawford's Living Wall Planter

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You can easily create a beautiful outdoor living wall display. Living walls are designed for outdoor walls. Each planter can be hung individually or grouped together for an even more dramatic wall display. The planters are 14" tall x 14" wide x 5" deep square. One planter holds nine front plants, six side plants and three top edging plants. Includes side planting replaceable coco-fiber liner and J-Hooks for hanging. J-Hooks hold single planters away from the wall, allowing for air circulation. Tuck a plastic bottle cap or cork under bottom corners to hold them out. The outer frame is 6.5mm & the inner is 4mm. Plant Requirements: Single planter: 18 plants. Two planters hung side by side: 30 plants. Four together: 54 plants. Six together: 72 plants.

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