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Marleys Pink Japanese Snowbell

Scientific Name: Styrax japonicus
Best Planted In Zone: 5-8.


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Marleys Pink Japanese Snowbell (Styrax japonicus) is a small ornamental weeping tree. It is a rare and interesting find perfect for a feature point in your landscape. Plant it near your patio or in a pot to enjoy the flowerscape in the early summer. Its dream-like, pink hanging flowers pop against the dark green leaves. The flowers bloom late May through June. It grows to a mature height of 8-10 ft tall and 4-5 ft wide. The pink japanese snowball enjoys part shade to full sun and moist soil. USDA ZONES: Zone 5, Zone 6, Zone 7, Zone 8.
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The Marley's Pink Japanese Snowbell likes full sun to partial shade. A well drained, moist soil with a mulch covering is preferential.

Customer Reviews

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the tree looked healthy, top was broken and was sent the wrong shrub. waiting for an e-mail informing me the new order in on the way. it was suppose to be sent yesterday.

Marleys pink snowbell

The overall height and form is good but the top tier of the plant didn't look good when I inboxed it and seems to be struggling to leaf out