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Holly- Yaupon

Scientific Name: Ilex vomitoria
Best Planted in USDA Hardiness Zone: 7-9


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Yaupon Holly is an evergreen shrub or tree that is loved for the colorful berries it produces on the female plants. Yaupon dioecious which means that male and female flowers are born on separate plants; male yaupon hollies do not produce berries. The berries can be red, orange, or even yellow, and birds and other wildlife will feed on them through the winter months. Both male and female plants produce small white flowers in spring which attract pollinators. Their small leaves are oval, serrated, and dark green. Yaupon hollies' dense and shrubby evergreen growth make them ideal for screens or hedges while also providing habitat for songbirds and other wildlife.

Yaupon holly is native to the South and can grow to be between 15 and 25 feet tall and will have a spread of about the same width. In the landscape, these evergreen beauties take about ten years to develop the distinctive vase shape they are known for. You can train your yaupon holly into a small tree with the lower branches removed, revealing the interestingly contoured multiple trunks. Yaupon holly's fast growth rate and small leaves make it a perfect choice for topiary. USDA Hardiness Zones 7-9.

**Please Note: We do not sex the holly plants and cannot tell you if you will receive a male or female plant.

We do have the Dwarf Yaupon Holly-Schillings available as well.

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Plant your Yaupon Holly using the same techniques you'd use to plant any shrub or tree. Dig a hole that is at least one-and-a-half times as wide as the root ball but slightly shallower. Then remove any roots that are circling around the inside of the pot or around the trunk, and shave off the outer layer of the root ball using a sharp knife or shovel.

Once you place the holly into the planting hole, the top of the root ball should sit about an inch above the surrounding soil. Fill in around the root ball with the remaining soil. Apply mulch starting at the edge of the root ball and extending outwards, and water the root ball two to three times each week for the first year.

Yaupon holly readily sprouts from the roots; these sprouts will need to be pruned to the ground two or three times a year to keep the base of your plant looking neat.

While yaupon holly is relatively free of serious pests and diseases, scale, leaf miners, mites, and aphids can sometimes be a problem. While yaupon holly is relatively free of serious pests and diseases, scale, leaf miners, mites, and aphids can sometimes be a problem.
Yaupon hollies should be planted in a spot where they'll receive full or partial sun. They are both drought and salt tolerant, meaning this plant can find a home in a variety of landscapes.

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