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Daylily - Stella de Oro

Scientific Name: Hemerocallis
Best Planted In Zone: 3-9


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Stella de Oro daylily is a compact plant and early bloomer, reaching a height of 12 inches with a 12-24 inch spread. It blooms from May-July. In fact, its ability to re-bloom over a long period, along with its adaptability to a wide range of planting zones and conditions, makes it perhaps the most popular of the daylilies. The fragrant 2-3 inch flowers are golden and trumpet-shaped. The foliage is also attractive, forming a dense clump that can function as a groundcover. This is a deer resistant perennial, often planted in lines to form borders but looks great in massed plantings or in a container. USDA ZONES: Zone 3, Zone 4, Zone 5, Zone 6, Zone 7, Zone 8, Zone 9.
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Stella de Oro daylily will bloom most profusely if grown in full sun; however it will tolerate light shade, thus giving landscaper’s flexibility. It is also drought-tolerant. Grow Stella de Oro daylily in a well-drained soil. Although not fussy, it will perform better in a soil with plenty of humus. Daylilies grow in a fairly wide PH range but best results will be obtained if your soil is either neutral or slightly acid. Potted daylilies can be planted any time throughout the growing season if provided with adequate water. Early spring and late summer (September) are good times for transplanting. If you need to transplant during mid summer, cut the foliage back to about 2 inches when planting. This will help the plant compensate for water loss while it's re-establishing itself. Dig a hole at least a foot deep place a shovel of compost in the bottom of the hole and cover with a few inches of soil. This encourages the roots to grow deeper. If the roots are pot bound, gently loosen the roots and spread them out in the hole as much as possible. Plant the daylily so that the crown is about one inch deep in the soil.
To encourage more blooms, deadhead the spent flowers, remove stem and all. Also remove any brown foliage in late fall. Stella de Oro daylily is a reasonably low-maintenance perennial, as it does not have to be divided for several years. When the plants seem crowded, divide the Stella de Oro daylilies by simply splitting them apart-- in fall or early spring. Make sure to water your daylily if the season is dry. Daylilies should be fertilized twice a year, once in the early spring when the spring growth begins and again at the end of summer. Mulch the daylily to maintain a more consistent soil temperature and moisture. Keep mulch away from the crown.

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