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Azalea - Red Formosa

Scientific Name: Rhododendron 'Red Formosa'
Best Planted In Zone: 8-10


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The Red Formosa is in the Southern Indian or Indica group of Azaleas. The Red Formosa bloom is a single 3 inch diameter, reddish-purple flower that blooms in the spring. It has an upright growth habit and is the best choice for a high light area. The Red Formosa Azalea is a rapidly growing evergreen shrub. This azalea prefers well-drained soil that is rich in humus. It can grow up to 8 feet tall with a 6 foot spread. USDA ZONES: Zone 8, Zone 9, Zone 10.
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Wait until the early spring or early fall to plant the azalea and choose a location that has well-drained soil. The plant requires at least partial sunlight exposure. Spread a 3-inch layer of compost on top of the planting site and work it into the top 12 inches of soil. Dig a hole that is the same width as the pot the azalea is in and 1 inch shallower. Water the azalea well while it is still in the pot. Remove the roots from the pot and loosen the root ball with your fingers, brushing away one-third of the potting soil. Insert the roots into the center of the hole and back fill the hole with soil. Water the soil under the azalea until it is damp to the same depth as the root system. After planting, water as needed to keep the top of the soil moist until you see new growth on the plant. Spread a 1-inch layer of mulch around the base of the azalea to keep the soil moist.
Azaleas prefer partial shade to full sun, acidic (from 4.5 -6.0 PH), well drained soil. Avoid planting in heavy wet clay soils as root rot will cause he foliage to yellow and wilt or the plant to completely die out after heavy rains. Azaleas will not tolerate wet soils even for short periods. They need to be pinched and shaped a bit to keep them at their best in the landscape. Un-pruned they have a naturally open rounded habit but are more thinly foliated that their manicured counterparts.

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