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Apple Trees - Pink Lady

Scientific Name: Malus domestica
Best Planted in USDA Hardiness Zone: 5-8


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A divine dessert apple. This tree bears medium-size fruit with rich yellow skin blushed with pink. Apples have a unique flavor — the first bite is tart, followed by just the right amount of sweet. Also makes a great addition or stand-alone apple in pies! Originates from Western Australia in 1973. Ripens in late October. Best pollinators: Granny Smith, Fuji, or Red Delicious.

See our chart for more information on Cross Pollination and Chill Hours.
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What your plant will need:
Soil: Sandy Loam; Well Draining; Slightly Acidic (pH 6.0-6.8)
Sun Exposure: Full Sun
Chilling Requirement: 300-400 hours
Spacing: Depending on the landscape, and what your uses may be for your apple trees, try spacing them 15-20 feet apart. But no more than 20 feet to ensure the trees cross pollinate.
Water: Water thoroughly twice a week in light soils and once a week in clay soils. Established bushes should receive at least 1 inch of water each week.

View full planting instructions with the Plant Me Green Guide for Apple Trees.
-Water regularly, especially during dry periods.
-Keep an area approximately 4 feet in diameter around the bush clear of grass and weeds to minimize competition for water and nutrients.
- During spring and summer, about 4-6 inches of mulch should be placed a few inches away from the trunk to provide good air circulation. The best mixture of mulch during spring is weed- free hay and compost. During summer time try a mixture of grass clipping, and weed- free hay. If desired add some pine bark and pine needles.
- If you live in the South, your tree should be pruned to an open center habit. At the time of planting, select 3-4 scaffold branches spaced equally around the trunk and clip the other branches flush with the trunk. During the second dormant season, top the scaffold branches 36 inches away from the trunk to encourage secondary branching. The tree must have good air circulation in the interior.

View full care instructions with the Plant Me Green Guide for Apple Trees.

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