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Bare Root vs. Container


Bare root pecans are dormant plants with exposed roots shipped December through March. These plants are grown in the field and then removed from the soil when dormant. When planted in a new location, bare root plants will adapt more quickly to new soil conditions. 

Pecans are our most popular in bare root. Since we only have a limited amount of bare root pecans, please consider pre-ordering for bare root season as early as possible. Bare-root trees are the most economical type of nursery stock. They are usually the best choice when purchasing large quantities of trees for orchards. The purchase of bare root trees will require an intermediate level of gardening in order to properly store bare root trees until adequate planting time and for transplanting them to your local soil.

Container pecans do not need to be dormant when transplanted. With proper care and attention, they can be transplanted October through June.

Container trees are conveniently available year round, but at a higher price than bareroot, and all varieties may not be available. For the first couple of weeks, actively growing trees planted from containers must be watered frequently, sometimes daily, til their roots establish in the surrounding soil. If planting in late spring from containers, the trees may not be well-established before early hot weather: be sure not to miss an irrigation before or during an early hot spell. If planted in the fall, the trees are well-established in the container and there should be little or no transplant shock from a combination of jostled roots, missed irrigation and/or hot weather.