Pear Trees - Cleveland (Flowering)

Scientific Name: Pyrus calleryana
Best Planted in USDA Hardiness Zone: 5-8.


Plant Quick Guide

Growing Zones:


Mature Height:

30-40 ft

Mature Width:

15-20 ft


Full (6-8 hours)


15-20 ft

Growth Rate:


Does Not Ship To:

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The Cleveland Pear tree is a flowering pear tree which is an improvement of the popular Bradford Flowering Pear tree. The Cleveland is deciduous and produces a profusion of snow-white, ornamental flowers in the the spring. It has a tight symmetrical shape, making it perfect for lining streets or as an eye-catcher in your front yard. Not only beautiful, the Cleveland is also disease resistant. It is fast-growing and reaches a height of about 40 feet with a spread of about 20 feet. It is hardy to -15 degrees and ideal for the following USDA ZONES: Zone 5, Zone 6, Zone 7, & Zone 8.
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STEP 1) First, decide on a planting location. Consider carefully what kind of sun, soil, and growing-space your tree or shrub will need.
STEP 2) Once you've located the perfect spot, the hole you are digging must be at least double the width and as deep as the root system you are planting.
STEP 3) Remove the plant from the pot and place the root ball in the hole. The top of the root system should be level with the ground. Before placing the tree or shrub in the hole, use your hands to gently break up the root system.
STEP 4) Once the plant is in place, backfill the hole with native soil and any leftover potting material.
STEP 5) Pack down the soil to eliminate any air pockets.
STEP 6) When finished, water thoroughly.

Flowering pears should be planted where there is plenty of sun and in well-drained soil. Fertilize in the spring and prune in late winter.

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