You’ve probably seen oak trees around your community, but you might not know much about them. Oaks were one of the first tree varieties to exist in the world, and they’re common choices for public areas and backyard gardeners. Because oaks are incredibly robust and resilient, they are great trees for beginner gardeners. Oaks are more than just beautiful plants—follow along to learn why oak trees are important to the ecosystem.

Oaks Improve Soil Quality

Because oak trees have incredibly expansive root systems, they can stabilize the soil where they grow and improve its quality. In fact, these gorgeous trees prevent soil erosion because their roots and foliage create a buffer against rainfall. Additionally, oak trees may remove and neutralize pollutants in the soil, making it safe and healthy for other plants and animals.

They Shelter Wildlife

Wildlife in your area endures the harsh elements all year. Animals can utilize trees and other things in nature to create homes. Because oaks are mighty trees, many animals take shelter in or around them.

Oak Foliage Is a Great Food Source

Oak trees are an excellent food source for many animals. Whether they feed on fallen leaves, sticks, or acorns, small animals like birds, squirrels, and deer enjoy the benefits of oak foliage. Local wildlife might get food from many other plants, but oaks are among the most prominent choices.

They Clean the Air

Pollution is inevitable in our world, but trees can help—especially oaks! A single oak tree can absorb up to 10 pounds of pollution annually. These trees can live to be up to 400 years old; think of how many contaminants they can remove in that time! You can boost the air quality in your area by planting oak trees on your property.

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