Arbor Day 2018 is just a few hours away!

It is our favorite holiday, here at Plant Me Green, because we are celebrating this beautiful planet and all of the glorious trees and flowers that live amongst us. We must work hard to preserve habitats and encourage growth anywhere possible, as our cities get larger and our population increases. We sometimes forget that quiet Mother Nature works with us and we would be so incredibly hopeless without her. So let’s all take a moment and plant something green today! Or perhaps contribute in a way such as picking up a piece of litter that was not yours, or choosing a container that isn’t plastic, whatever small task you deem insignificant, we assure you, you are helping this great planet in a huge way.

So say a quick Thank you to the Trees, for cleaning the air, and protecting our soils from erosion, and providing safe homes for so many creatures, for creating shade against the hot sun, and bringing beauty to our landscapes.  Time to celebrate all the magnificent trees and plants on this great Earth!

In honor of Arbor Day 2018 we would like to introduce a few new trees and shrubs to you all! This collection will continue to grow but take a look at the new offerings here at Plant Me Green:

Eucalyptus Silver Dollar Tree – A hardy, fast growing evergreen tree, this specimen will bring such rich fragrance to your yard. The Silver Dollar gets its name from the shape and color of its leaves which are round and silvery. These leaves make the eucalyptus a great shade tree to keep you cool during the summer months, once mature. The Silver Dollar is drought tolerant and is hardy in Zones 7-11.

Yaupon Holly – An evergreen shrub or tree that is loved for the colorful berries it produces on the female plants. Both male and female plants produce small white flowers in spring which attract pollinators. Their small leaves are oval, serrated, and dark green. You can train your yaupon holly into a small tree with the lower branches removed, revealing the interestingly contoured multiple trunks. Yaupon holly's fast growth rate and small leaves make it a perfect choice for topiary. USDA Hardiness Zones 7-9. 

Dwarf Yaupon Holly – Also called Schillings Holly is a slow-growing, fine-leafed, hardy shrub. They are easy to care for and many gardeners love to trim into little balls. This is a slow-growing shrub you can keep about 2 to 2-1/2 feet tall for many years. Once it matures, expect to maintain it at around 3 feet. Shillings holly produces no berries and also has no spines on the leaves. It is drought tolerant once established and hardy in Zones 7-10.

Marley’s Pink Japanese Snowball – A small ornamental weeping tree. It is a rare and interesting find perfect for a feature point in your landscape. Plant it near your patio or in a pot to enjoy the flowerscape in the early summer. Its dream-like, pink hanging flowers pop against the dark green leaves. The flowers bloom late May through June. Grows in Zones 5-8.

Mimosa Tree This hardy, tropical looking ornamental tree will bring an exotic look to your yard. It is heat and humidity tolerant and can sustain a certain level of drought as well. It is also known as The Persian Silk Tree because of the incredibly fragrant and beautiful pink flower clusters with an unusual thread-like petals. The greenery is similar to a fern and gives a light base for the cluster of flowers to sit upon. The flowers attract pollinators like butterflies, hummingbirds, and bees to your yard. It is extremely fast growing and reaches a mature height of 20-30 ft with a spread of 20-30 ft. It is hardy in USDA Zones 6-9

Tulip Poplar – Native to North America, the Tulip Poplar Tree is so captivating year-round that George Washington had two planted in his front yard at Mount Vernon in 1785. The spring brings big beautiful yellow blossoms that stand out against the tulip shaped, luscious green leaves and the fall produces a breathtaking display of golden yellow foliage. This fast growing shade tree is in the same family as the magnolia but will grow in colder climates unlike its sister. They are a low-maintenance ornamental tree that has few disease and pest problems and can adapt to many climates and growing conditions. Hardy in USDA Zones 4-9.

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