Everyone can use this fantastic idea for the front porch or entryway during the holidays and the best part... you can plant the tree after you are done using it! We saw an easy DIY video made by HGTV and knew our Thuja Green Giant trees would work perfectly for this project. It was easy and took us about an hour to put the entire thing together. 

What You Need

- Thuja Green Giant #7 pot

- White trash bags (we used 3 per tree)

- Scissors

- Chicken Wire

- Wire cutters

- Ribbon/Matching Bow

- Yarn

- Craft wire

How We Did It

🎥 Check out the video of us creating the gnomes! 

Before heading outside, we cut the trash bags into 1.5" to 2" strips. We then took all supplies and headed to the trees. We modified the inspiration video idea, by folding our chicken wire in half and placing it on top of the soil and letting the pot rim hold it in place.

We put the trash bag strips on the chicken wire, prior to wrapping it around the tree.  We also did not go all away around the tree with the beard. We only had to add 2-3 layers of the strips as it filled out pretty quickly! After placing the chicken wire and using the craft wire to secure it in place, we wrapped a piece of ribbon over top the 1st layer of beard and tied a knot in the back to secure it.

We used premade bows and placed them at the top of the trees. We then created the nose out of yarn but you could use fabric and filling or a premade large pom-pom as well. 

Happy Crafting and Happy Holidays!

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