Pecan trees make beautiful additions to your property, and they produce a delicious yield. Whether you eat pecans on their own or bake them into a decadent dessert, there’s nothing better than their savory, buttery flavor. If you want to produce your own pecans, try to avoid the common mistakes made when planting a pecan tree.

Underestimating the Mature Size

Believe it or not, pecan trees can grow up to 100 feet tall. Unfortunately, many people make the mistake of planting these trees without considering how large they may get when mature. Make sure your pecan tree is at least 20 feet from any structure or house, at least 30 feet from other trees, and in a place that won’t disrupt powerlines as the tree grows taller. If you’re unsure about your tree’s mature size, allow it enough space to grow larger than you think it’ll be.

Planting in the Wrong Spot

Many gardeners plant trees in the wrong spot because they don’t monitor the desired location before planting. For instance, you should ensure the planting site gets at least six hours of full sunlight every day. Additionally, pecan trees don’t like soil that stays wet; instead, they require well-draining soil to thrive. Unfortunately, excess shade and moisture can cause damage and disease to your pecan tree.

Planting Too Deep in the Ground

When you buy pecan trees, they typically come planted in a pot. After deciding on the tree’s permanent spot, you must remove it from the pot and dig a hole twice the size of the existing root system. Many believe the root system will grow stronger and deeper if they plant the tree deeper inside the ground; however, you shouldn’t plant the tree deeper than the root ball. In fact, failing to do this can result in settling or root injuries that affect growth.

If you avoid these common mistakes made when planting a pecan tree, you should be able to grow your own savory drupes successfully. Even if your tree yields more pecans than you know how to use, your friends and family will love receiving homegrown goods.

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