We at Plant Me Green dedicate our attention and care to packaging your plants for shipping to ensure that they arrive safe and sound to you. Understandably, though, we often get asked about the details of our packaging method. It seems a little strange to place a plant in a box and assume it will arrive unscathed at its location, which is why there is a lot more to our method than that.

Our shipping methods depend on several factors - the most important of which are the type and size of the plant. Because of the changing factors, our shipping methods can vary as we carefully consider each individual order and its unique scenario before packaging.

Despite the varying methods, our packaging follows some general rules. After wiping off the plant's container, we bag the pot and water the soil. We then insert a stake into the soil in the container and tie the bag. Each plant is staked in order to provide structure to the box and protect the plant from being crushed if the box is tossed around in the shipping process. For some plants, we also use paper or cardboard to create a lid which is taped to the pot. Again, these lids are intended to protect the plant and soil from dislodging due to negligent shipping.


  After the plant has been bagged and staked, we carefully place it in the appropriate sized box. In some instances, we will prune the top of the plant to fit the box and keep customer shipping prices low. Once the plant is inside the box, we ensure that it is snug. In some cases, we add cardboard around the container to ensure that it does not roll about and injure the plant. In addition to this, we tie the container to the bottom of the box using the same string which secures the bag around the pot.


Lastly, we include a Plant Me Green planting guide with every shipment to provide you with the information you need to successfully plant your new purchase. After closing and taping the box, we also add a Plant Me Green sticker to the front of the box to indicate the top and to make everyone aware that the box contains live plants.


It might seem strange to ship a plant in a box, but with the right care and attention, any plant can be shipped safely and arrive to your door healthy and ready to be welcomed into its new home!

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Dan Salhus said:

Hi i am seeking boxes for sending in mail in 120 mm pot can u point me to a company in Australia that can produce 120mmx120mmby400mm live plant boxes please thank u

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